Nordica, in cooperation with LOT Polish Airlines, served approximately 33,900 passengers in January 2017 – 77% more than in the same period last year. “The fact the numbers have grown so much is primarily down to the reputation Nordica’s built up over the last 12 months,” explained CEO Jaan Tamm. “Statistically speaking we’re already able to claim one in every five passengers as loyal customers, since they’ve flown with us more than four times.

What we’re trying to do above all else is offer people in Estonia the convenience of direct flights and the chance to get to where they want to go as quickly as possible. Numbers-wise our biggest destinations in January were Munich and Stockholm, both of which we fly to several times a day. And where Munich’s concerned, it’s not only popular among business travellers, but in winter also as a hub for those going on skiing holidays in the Alps.”

Nordica operated 816 regular flights in January, plus partner flights operated outside of Estonia. According to the data of Tallinn Airport, Nordica operated the most flights out of the Estonian capital during the month, accounting for 22% of all regular flights.

“It’s still early days in the strategic partnership we have with LOT, but we’re already seeing the benefits it’s bringing our clients,” Tamm added. “At the recent Tourest trade fair, for example, we were able to offer discounted prices not only on the 16 direct routes Nordica operates but also on flights to Chicago, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles with LOT. All of their transatlantic flights are on Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which are truly world-class aircraft in terms of the level of comfort they offer. At the same time, we’re endeavouring to shore up our position where direct flights are concerned, and in May we’ll be launching a new route, with flights between Tallinn and Hamburg. Spring will see us resuming flights to our popular summer destinations as well: Nice in France, Split and Rijeka in Croatia and Odessa in Ukraine.”

Despite the inclement winter weather, Nordica managed to meet its flight accuracy and regularity targets in January: 85% of flights operated during the month were on time (meaning they departed within 15 minutes of their scheduled departure time) and as many as 99% of scheduled flights actually took place.