Core values

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Safety is not negotiable and no compromises are made when it comes to safety. In daily activities, Nordica proceeds according to all the regulations and standards applicable in Europe. We carry out constant and regular audits to reassure the correspondence of procedures and processes to highest standards and do it in cooperation with national and international responsible agencies and auditors. In 2018, Nordica (Regional Jet OÜ) passed a regular repeat audit within the framework of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit).


Safety comes first


Nordica has a variety of clients, ranging from individual passengers to entire airlines.  We have the expereience, know-how and capacity to meet the needs and expectations of both. The various international bodies that use Nordica’s services represent diverse needs and priorities. In addition to daily aviation activities, we also subcontract flights and provide commercial platform services. The well-being of our customers' journey with us and lasting relations are our first and foremost objective. 


Clients above all 


Nordica’s innovative business model effectively supports development of the company and the goal of being a preferred partner-airline and capacity provider for other airlines in Europe and the rest of the world. Our versatile international business activities enable every company in the group to offer suitable tailor-made services to their clients. Nordica seeks to unite long-term aviation experience and expertise, and entwine new ideas and an innovative approach into the aviation sector.


Efficiency and innovation in business to ensure viability


Nordica always meets its goals thanks to a dedicated, professional and a loyal team. When operating on the international market, we want to be an attractive employer both in Estonia and abroad. We stream to being a great place to work when a beginner or an experienced aviation specialist want to start their career in aviation. Our values as a team are adaptability, trust, can-do attitude and being a united team, helping us deliver the best result to our main stakeholders, our employees and our customers. Nordica is where one can span his wings and have one's aviation career take-off! 


“Proud to be Nordica” – a first choice as an employer in the field



Reliability is the key to success: we at Nordica fly according to the schedule;

we create value for our clients, employees and shareholders; 

We care about the environment - and apply the latest technologies as well as environmentally sound operating methods to reduce our ecologic footprint and operate in a sustainable manner;

Being a partner airline, flexibility is our competitive advantage;

We constantly seek new opportunities and challenges to supplement our main business model characterized by flexibility and trustability.