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About Nordic Aviation Group

The goal of Nordic Aviation Group AS (Nordica), established on 25 September 2015 as decreed by the Government of the Republic of Estonia, is to ensure availability of the flight connections that Estonia needs. Nordic Aviation Group AS is owned entirely by the Republic of Estonia. In addition to Nordic Aviation Group AS, the parent company, the subsidiaries Regional Jet OÜ (Xfly) and Nordic Aviation Advisory OÜ also belong to the group.

Founded in 2015, Nordic Aviation Group AS has grown to become the biggest aviation company in Estonian history. It has been partnered with LOT Polish Airlines since autumn 2016. 

Nordica’s subsidiary Regional Jet OÜ (Xfly) is owned entirely by Nordica. Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the airline transported around two million passengers annually, operating 22 aircraft and employing more than 600 specialists in Estonia and abroad. Prior to the coronavirus crisis, Nordica’s subsidiary Regional Jet OÜ (Xfly) provided flight services to LOT, Nordica, SAS, Air Serbia and other partners in Europe on the basis of procurement contracts. 

Since November 2019, Nordica’s focus has been on providing regular flights on the basis of public service obligations and in August 2020 the airline also started offering charter flights.


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