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About Nordica

The Nordic Aviation Group AS was established on September 25th 2015 by the Government of the Republic of Estonia. 

The Group comprises of two trusted brands, capacity provider airlines (commonly known as CPA) Xfly and Nordica, and of the Xfly Flight Academy. The Group is entirely owned by the Republic of Estonia and has grown into the largest Estonian airlines of all times. 

Nordica offers strategic partnership to major European airlines by providing long-term flight services with planes and crews, insurance and maintenance (ACMI) with its family of over 650 aviation specialists. 

The headquarter of the company is located in Tallinn. The Group has bases in Stockholm (Arlanda), Turku, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Lisbon, Munich and Hamburg. 

We operate a fleet of 20 aircraft to fuel the growth of our strategic partners, such as ATR 72-600, CRJ900 and Airbus A320. In spring 2023 three Airbus A320neo aircraft will be added to our fleet – known for being state-of-the-art emission- and sound-reduced engine-powered craft. 




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