Nordic Aviation, which started operating on 8 November, completed 726 flights and served 26,370 passengers in cooperation with Adria Airways during its first month of operations. The airline’s clients have so far booked 56,750 tickets up to October 2016.

Nordic Aviation Group board member Erik Sakkov said that the airline’s most popular destination is Stockholm (Arlanda) to which it has flown more times than anywhere else. “On behalf of Nordic Aviation, I’d like to thank all of our clients who’ve flown with us and trusted us,” he said. “We know the start we’ve made has been far from perfect. We’ve been dealing with a rescue operation to guarantee the continuation of the flight connections that Estonian people need. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, which is why we take every piece of feedback on board.”

Nordic Aviation plans to speak about its new route network in late December. Seasonal summer flights to Nice and Split are already on sale.

Nordic Aviation’s flights are currently operated by partner airlines NextJet, BMI and Carpatair, but the company hopes to get its first plane with an Estonian crew and Estonian in-flight service in the air at the beginning of the new year. The company will then gradually transfer to using its own fleet based on the availability of aircraft and the training plans of Estonian crews.

The company hopes to introduce the full brand of the new airline to the general public in summer 2016.