Nordic Aviation, which started operating on 8 November, has carried out 1,368 flights and served a total of 48,351 passengers in cooperation with Adria Airways. The clients of the company have booked 34,990 tickets until October this year.

According to Mr Erik Sakkov, the Member of the Board of Nordic Aviation, the most popular routes of the company have been Amsterdam and Stockholm (Arlanda), which have had the most passengers. “We are preparing to open new routes and will make them public in the near future,” Mr. Sakkov said.

While partner airlines NextJet, BMI and Carpatair are still operating flights for Nordic Aviation today, the first company airplane will take flight very soon, complete with on-board service in Estonian. After this, the company will start using its own fleet step by step at the rate of about one airplane per month.

Other news which are hoped to be introduced in the near future include the updated route network and the new name of the airline which will form the foundation for a comprehensive brand.