The Nordic Aviaton Group - Xfly and Nordica are both members of, - fulfilled the dream of a youngster suffering diabetes. He could test his dream-job - that of a pilot, in the cockpit with real-life pilots on the route of Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn. Read further and enjoy the video of his journey.

A future pilot Mattias’s dream came true this year. Xfly and Nordica helped Mattias, a 13-year-old Estonian youngster literally touch the skies in the cockpit, making his dream come true accompanied by real pilots – a profession he dreams of.

One day as a pilot of Xfly and Nordica!

Mattias, who suffers from diabetes, has always wanted to become a pilot, and around Christmas his dream caught the attention of the organizers of an NGO called the “Dream Day” (Unistuste Päev in Estonian).

This spring, the Dream Day organizers contacted the Nordic Aviation Group, as a result of their initiative, after the International Children’s Day, Mattias’ dream finally came true.

With the help of our great team of pilots, Fleet Manager and flight attendants, Mattias flew to Sweden and back in the cockpit of our aircraft.

Mattias’s beautiful dream story was also featured in an Estonian national television program called “Ringvaade”, and can be viewed below, for those interested:…/piloodiks-saada-sooviv…