Nordic Crew Management has entered into an agreement with the first group of Estonian pilots who will fly to Ljubljana in Slovenia today to start training procedures with Adria Airways tomorrow. The first group consists of nine people, one of whom is French and the other eight Estonians.

Training Estonian crews in Ljubljana will give Nordic Aviation the opportunity to start flights from Tallinn with Estonian crews from next January. The aircraft will be CRJ, which the Estonians are already familiar with.

French first officer Caroline Garnier said she was pleased to be one of the first members of the new team. “The contract with Nordic Crew Management is an excellent opportunity for me, because every employee has a very clear role in what is a small, newly established company,” she said. “The contribution each of us makes will lead to the emergence of a company that’s aimed at offering the best customer service, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.” Garnier was also the co-pilot on the last flight of Estonian Air.

According to Tõnis Lepp, the head of Nordic Crew Management, the second wave of recruited pilots will start their training in early December.