In July Nordica in cooperation with Adria Airways served 40,167 passengers and made 710 regular flights, 76% of which were operated with the airline’s own CRJ planes. The percentage of use of Nordica’s own aircraft increased by almost a quarter compared to the month before.

192,924 passengers in total flew with Nordica on 4,731 flights in the first seven months of the year.

“I’m pleased that an increasing number of flights organised by Nordica are being operated with our own aircraft, which has considerably improved the product and service we offer,” said Nordica CEO Jaan Tamm. “Our development is stable and ongoing, and we hope to be operating all of our flights with our own aircraft and crews during the winter season.”

Nordica’s contracts with its partners Carpatair and NextJet, whose aircraft and crews it had leased since last November, expired in July. Only one partner, BMI, will be helping the airline in Tallinn until the winter season. All Nordica flights from Tallinn are now operated with jets.

Nordica in cooperation with Adria Airways is offering flights to 15 European destinations this summer season. The route network includes Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Kyiv, Munich, Nice, Odessa, Oslo, Paris, Rijeka, Split, Stockholm, Trondheim, Vienna and Vilnius.