Nordic Aviation, its partner Adria Airways and the biggest Estonian ski tour operators Germalo Reisid and Mainor Meelis will start organising regular charter flights to popular European ski resorts from the second half of February. This is the first contract in the area of charter flights for Nordic Aviation.

On Saturday from 20 February to 26 March 2016, there will be return flights to Milan, Bergamo (20 February to 12 March), Salzburg (20 February to 26 March) and Geneva (19 March to 26 March).

“The cooperation with Nordic Aviation allows us to organise convenient midday flights for our customers who like skiing,” said Katrin Henno, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mainor Meelis. “There is a lot of interest in these charter flights and it’s obvious that Estonian people appreciate the possibility to fly direct.”

“I’m pleased that we can cooperate with the new Estonian national airline and make our contribution to the development and future of Nordic Aviation,” said Marianne Kaldas, CEO at Germalo Reisid. “We can be extremely useful for one another, so we’re hoping that our cooperation will be long and successful.”

Nordic Aviation board member Erik Sakkov said that the contract is strategically important for the airline. “Cooperation with two well-known Estonian tour operators expands our activities to the air charter market,” he added. “Such cooperation also gives Nordic Aviation a great opportunity to use its aircraft resources even better in the future. We’re very grateful to Mainor Meelis and Germalo Reisid for trusting us.”