Earlier today, Nordic Aviation introduced the visual brand identity to be created under its new name Nordica, which focuses on a logo that depicts a dragonfly. The company hopes to transfer to the new trademark at the end of this month. The company’s own aircraft will also be sporting the new design soon.

According to Nordic Aviation board member Erik Sakkov, the company has been able to emphasise from the earliest days that it will soon be adopting a new name with a complete brand concept. “We were hoping that we would not have to present our new brand like this, as we wanted to prepare everything properly and show our new face at the right time and in the right place, but as the experience of this week has taught us, it’s difficult to keep anything secret,” said Sakkov. “However, I am happy to lift the veil today and show you what the airline will soon look like under the name Nordica.”

The fresh visual concept of the new Nordica brand was created by creative agency Optimist, which won the branding contest organised by Nordic Aviation and whose work is the foundation on which the new brand identity will be built. The agency’s CEO Magnus Lužkov describes the symbol of the new Nordica brand, the dragonfly, as a sign that matches the airline’s essence and identity very well. “The dragonfly is a mystical and beautiful creature that cannot be found everywhere and that looks like a high-tech miracle,” said Lužkov. “The dragonfly’s sleek body resembles a plane and its flight is fast and controlled. In many cultures, the dragonfly is also the symbol of good fortune.”

The principle and values behind the new brand of Nordic Aviation are still the same – it wants to be Estonian in its essence in a manner that captures the hearts of Estonians and creates good emotions in foreigners. Erik Sakkov says that the most important task of the company is to guarantee the satisfaction of all clients with excellent customer service. “We’re at the start of this journey, but our own aircraft, our own people on board and our own food and drinks, customs and symbols are already offering us the chance to start building a high-quality service,” he added.

Nordic Aviation received 23 different creative solutions from 12 Estonian agencies during the contest for finding a new brand concept. In addition to Optimist, Nordic Aviation will also be cooperating with Idea Group, which came second in the contest.

“I would sincerely like to thank all of the agencies that participated in the contest we organised,” says Sakkov gratefully. “The entries we received were very thorough and their quality was excellent, which really pleased us. We appreciate the efforts they all made to create the best Estonian airline in the world.” However, he added, the decision of the Nordic Aviation team to declare the brand solution presented by Optimist the winner of the contest was unanimous.

Earlier this week, Nordic Aviation confirmed that the company will soon be adopting the new name Nordica and stated that its goal was to emphasise the company’s Nordic nature with its name. The shorter Nordica is also the logical continuation of the airline’s present long name of Nordic Aviation Group, which the general public had already gotten used to over the period of four months. It is also important that the new name is neutral and suitable for the airline in light of its future business opportunities. Concordance and suitability with the name of Nordic Aviation’s partner airline Adria Airways was also considered.

Photos can be viewed here: www.nagroup.ee/en/nordicabrand