The name and brand change of Estonian young airline Nordic Aviation published in early March will officially take effect today, 30 March. The airline will start using the new Nordica trademark and a new visual brand identity, the focal point of which is the logo depicting a dragonfly.

“The introduction of the new name and visual brand concept takes our airline to the next level in its development, said Nordica board member Erik Sakkov. “We also work hard every day to improve the quality of our products and services. Hopefully, this will help us develop into the kind of airline that Estonian people love and that gives foreigners a positive experience.” He said that the airline will still continue the successful cooperation with its good partner Adria Airways following the name change.

The transfer to the visuals of the new brand identity will take place in stages. The first aircraft with the new Nordica design has already landed in Tallinn and the second one will arrive within a couple of days. All of the airline’s web channels will also be carrying the new identity, and only the new brand concept will be used in Nordica’s communication, marketing and other materials in the future.

The adoption of the name ‘Nordica’ is a logical step forward from the former name ‘Nordic Aviation Group’, as it is shorter, more to the point and emphasises the Nordic connections of the airline. The airline sought to choose a new name that is neutral, sounds good internationally and is suitable in light of its future business opportunities. The harmony and suitability of the name with the name of partner airline Adria Airways was also considered.

The fresh visual concept of the new Nordica brand was created by creative agency Optimist, which won the visual brand identity contest organised by Nordic Aviation. The dragonfly is the new symbol of Nordica and the colour scheme is inspired by the Estonian flag.

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