UPDATED! Nordica values the safety of all passengers together with employees above all else



Dear Nordica friends!

We at Nordica take our responsibility seriously to ensure the health and safety of passengers and crew, by continuously following the recommendations given by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Estonian Health Board, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish Transport Agency regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We presume that all our passengers will take their responsibility and avoid traveling unless it is unavoidable. 

If you feel sick, please stay home and do not travel. If you have a fever, are coughing, or experience difficulty breathing, seek help in a timely manner.

Passengers on Nordica must wear a face mask throughout the travel

Passengers must have their face mask before boarding – on some occasions, it is not possible to purchase it in all airports – therefore it is highly recommended that you have familiarized yourself with the mask availability at the airports and various airport heath rules before your travel

Children under 6 years old (incl.) and people having a medical reason for not wearing face masks are not required to wear a mask.

Check-in online if possible

If possible, we strongly recommend all our passengers use the Nordica website for online check-in. Check-in can be made online for all Nordica regular flights, any time from 23 hours to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

Baggage allowances

Checked baggage

Depending on the service class passengers can check in on a flight free of charge:

1 PC x 23kg (Economy class), 2 PC x 23kg (Economy Flex) and 2 PC x 32 kg (Business class)

Carry-on baggage

Due to coronavirus COVID-19 ALL PASSENGERS (irrespective of the class of travel) can bring on board free of charge:

1 PC x 8 kg, 55x40x23 cm

NOTE: Additional piece (e.g. handbag/ Laptop bag) is permitted. Additional items, e.g. handbag/ laptop bag must be fitted in the carry-on baggage. Carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead shelf on board or under the preceding front passenger's seat.

Limited On-board service until 29 April 2022

Nordica has suspended in-flight service to reduce the risk of spreading infection. This means we won’t provide beverages and meals as well reading materials such as newspapers and onboard magazines.  

We ask all our passengers to avoid contact and to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters (whenever possible) with other passengers around you. Please avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and observe good respiratory hygiene. If you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with single-use tissue. Throw it into the bin immediately after, and then clean your hands. If you do not have a tissue, use your sleeve (the inside of your elbow), but do not use your bare hand. 

Nordica values the safety of passengers together with employees above all else. Safety is not negotiable, and no compromises are made. On its daily activities, Nordica proceeds from all the regulations and standards applicable in Europe and carries out constant and regular audits of the corresponding procedures and processes, in cooperation with national and international responsible agencies and auditors.

All Nordica aircrafts are disinfected according the health regulations. All aircraft are equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters.


Safe travels!

Your Nordica