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Text: Kätrin Karu Photos: Martin Kirikal, Lauri Laan Published: 13 / July / 2018

On one of the darkest days of this autumn, I stepped into an unknown place in Tallinn Old Town, on Vana-Posti Street, and I found myself in the Amazon jungle. From there I continued to the Great Gatsby's glamorous atmosphere of the early 1930s, where I instantly wanted to slip on a silk gown and stilettos. This is a place that is equally suitable for gentlemen to meet and have a glass of whisky, and also for ladies to enjoy a meal before or after a visit to the theatre. compress image 29 compress image 30

Select an appropriate flight

In the first flight of the the Parrot MiniBar menu – this is how the menu is divided – I was intrigued to try the fish cookie, and all I can say, is that it has been praised by all the restaurant reviews for good reason. Hot potato on a sweet potato chip, however, is an artwork, that the Mayans would be proud of, because this caramelised potato with truffle and cream cheese is probably one of the best potato dishes I have ever had.

On the second flight, the soul rejoices at the chimichurri dressing, which became my favourite already during my South American travels; it has wandered into the fantasies of the head chef Margo Paluoja, and is baked to perfection with mini squid. The third flight, of course, consists of sweet pleasures. Bubbling drinks, elegant cocktails, and a selection of high-quality spirits give you reason to come here even if you are not hungry. compress image 31

The sky is the limit

Great and innovative solutions are the Parrot MiniBar's trump cards every step of the way. When was the last time you ate with tweezers? Have you ever wandered into a secret American bar or a birdhouse of the 1930s? In addition, I can say that this whole boho-ish world is deliciously thought through to the last detail. Nothing is coincidental, everything is subtle, and it makes you forget that there is life outside of this place.

There is one risk you have to consider however. If you are planning a romantic dinner and want to spend the evening looking into your partner's eyes, you both might discover at some point that you are so enchanted with the food, that you have forgotten about the conversation.

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Article was published in Nordica´s in-flight magazine Time Flies  (autumn-winter 2017).