Estonia for International Meetings and Events

Text: Visit Estonia Photos: Roman Neiman Vanaisa, Olev Mihkelmaa & Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia Published: 23 / August / 2018

Increasingly many organisations are turning their attention to Northern Europe, searching for undiscovered and inspiring conference destinations with which to wow their delegates. With the number of its international association conferences having increased by nearly 100% between 2013 and 2017, Estonia is fast becoming the contemporary conference event location of choice. If you’re yet to consider Estonia for your next event destination, here are top reasons why this ideal location should leap to the top of your list.

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Medieval and modern – a blend of old and new

First-time visitors are amazed by Estonia´s historic ambience. Imagine strolling past Medieval walls and gates, Gothic churches, curious little lanes lit with old-fashioned lamps. At the same time Estonia´s cities are surprisingly modern, with the latest high-tech conveniences always at hand. It´s the combination of old and new, Medieval and Modern, that gives Estonia its unique flavour.


Positively surprising, fresh destination

Most of frequent conference delegates have already travelled the well-worn conference circuit and seen the same old sights. Impress them with a novel destination that’s still mostly undiscovered – a country that’s edgy and exotic, yet attractive, affordable and safe! Estonia is full of positive surprises and will definitely exceed your guests expectations.

Cosy and Compact

Estonia is small and hassle-free. In fact, Estonia´s main conference towns are so compact that most hotels, venues, restaurants and sights are within easy walking distance of one another. Travelling from the city to a nature site can take 15 minutes. In Tallinn, for instance, the city centre is just a 10-minute drive from the airport.

Unforgettable Venues

No matter what kind of event you have planned, you’ll find a venue in Estonia that suits it to a tee. Historic or ultra-modern, a city-centre conference hotel or an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind meeting space. Imagine holding your event in a spectacular, Renaissance-style guild hall or a cutting-edge awardwinning museum. Other choices include a former power station turned into fantastic industrial style venue, an opera house, amazing maritime museum or even a TV tower.

High quality hotels

Thanks to Estonia´s rapid development as a travel destination, it´s now home to dozens of new, top-quality, business-class hotels. Their conference facilities off er the latest in comfort and technical capability. A good mix of 3-to 5-star hotels can be found in downtown areas, providing excellent access to the larger, city-centre conference venues.

Kihnu Violin Festival by Olev Mihkelmaa Visit Estonia

Unforgettable activities and experiences

If you are looking for unique activities available only in Estonia, we do have plenty. Top choices include bog-shoe walking, orienteering with retro jeeps, sculpture making workshop with a famous artist, marzipan painting workshop, design studio visits, adventure games in Tallinn Old Town.

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Value for money

Most planners find it cheaper to organise a meeting in Estonia than in Central Europe and excellent value for money is often stated by planners. Even Lonely Planet named Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, the „Best Value Destination” for 2018.

Local help

Estonian Convention Bureau, umbrella body of Estonian meeting industry, offers free impartial advice on venues, conference hotels, team-building and social activities.

For further information please visit and Estonian Convention Bureau’s web site

Article was published in Nordica´s in-flight magazine Time Flies  (spring-summer 2018).