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Text: Marleen Valdmaa Photos: Martin Kirikal Published: 2 / September / 2018

There is a cosy paradise named Ribe in Tallinn Old Town where you can meet smiling faces and people enjoying life. The staff and visitors, the atmosphere, and the dishes create a feeling of freedom and ease in the restaurant.


The well-thought-through nature of Ribe allows guests to dine in the brightly lit upper-floor lounge or in the lower-floor area with a more intimate atmosphere. You can see the creativity and dedication to details in the interior design, and this creativity and dedication is supported by high-class dishes made by Ribe's chefs.

Flavours in which you will get lost in the moment are found in every dish in the restaurant. The chefs welcome guests with a vegetarian menu, fixed three- and four-course menus, and an à la carte menu, which inspire with attractive and varied ingredients. Be ready and open to try some dishes that you have never dared to try before – Ribe's chefs can be trusted, and you can be sure that your first encounter with any new flavours will be exciting.



Just a short walk from Ribe, in the Rotermann Quarter, you can find a restaurant named Platz. This restaurant is suitable for families, vegetarians, people who like to have an affordable, but tasty, lunch, as well as people who want to have an elegant, multi-course dining experience. Platz is an excellent choice for warm summer nights on the terrace, as well as cosy indoor dinners on rainy nights. During cooler times of day and seasons, the menu of the restaurant, with its two dining halls, is enhanced by a somewhat more exotic undertone. In addition to the versatile food, one should not forget to try the versatile creations of the cocktail masters. Regardless of Platz's authenticity and glamour, this place is where every food-loving visitor can find something suitable. The staff are always in a good mood, and ready to find a solution to every challenge.

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Invite your friends and go discover the food landscape of Tallinn. A lunch break or a late evening meal in Ribe or Platz guarantee an escape from the everyday routine and a smile on your face when leaving.

RIBE | Vene 7, Tallinn | +372 631 3084 | Mon-Sun 12-23 | www.ribe.ee

Ribe Julge end tunda vabalt Flavours of Estonia Nordica FlyNordica Foto Martin Kirikal 980x450 3

PLATZ | Roseni 7, Tallinn | +372 664 5086 |Mon-Sat 12-23, Sun 12-22 | www.platz.ee

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Article was published in Nordica´s in-flight magazine Time Flies  (summer-autumn 2018).