Nordica provides you the opportunity to travel the most comfortable and convenient way - on your demand we fly all around Europe and beyond

Nordica offers to all private customers, business customers and companies a charter flight service, which makes it possible to order flights to suit the needs of clients. Nordica’s advantage is one of the newest and most effective fleets in Europe, offering passengers fast and comfortable direct flights to all of Europe and elsewhere. The planes accommodate up to 88 passengers and comply with all environmental requirements for engine-powered aircraft.

Nordic Aviation Group AS operates a total of 22 planes. Aircraft for charter services are based in Tallinn Airport in Estonia.

If you or your customers are interested in:

  • VIP Flights
  • Deportee Flights
  • Medical Flights
  • Military Flights
  • Repatriation Flights
  • or something else

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Safety First

Nordica values the safety of passengers together with employees above all else. Safety is not negotiable, and no compromises are made.

All Nordica  aircrafts are disinfected according the health regulations and all non-essential loose items have been removed. All Bombardier CRJ900ER aircrafts are equipped with high-efficiency HEPA filters.



On its daily activities, Nordica proceeds from all the regulations and standards applicable in Europe and carries out constant and regular audits of the corresponding procedures and processes, in cooperation with national and international responsible agencies and auditors.


We offer various catering packages on board of our charter flights. Please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can tailor catering possibilities to your needs!


Our Fleet

Bombardier CRJ900ER

Nordica lennuk


Number of Aircraft 10
Seats 88/90
Length (m) 36.34
Heigth (m) 7.35 
Wingspan (m) 24.85 
Cruising speed (km/h / mph) 830 / 516
Maximum flying altitude (m / feet) 12 500 / 41 000
Maximum take-off weight (kg) 36 995 kg
Engines GE CF34-8C5A1
Flight distance (km / nm) 2 500 / 1 350



We’ll turn your travel dreams into reality and are eager to welcome you and your guests on board!

Yours Nordica