Confirmation from the airline is required for travelling with musical instruments.

To obtain confirmation, be sure to contact Nordica customer service or the travel agency from which you purchased the ticket, well ahead of time.

Nordica Customer Service Centre

Phone: +372 664 2200

Musical instruments can be transported either in passenger's cabin or in the hold



Musical instruments can be transported as carry-on if either of two conditions is met. One is that the instrument must be small, not more than 15 kg with maximum measurements of 100x35x25cm (length+width+height). A special fee of 20 euros per unit per flight is charged on Nordica flights. The second condition is that ticket for an extra place has been purchased for the instrument (the ticket for the extra place must be purchased together with the passenger’s ticket. The fee depends on the prices for the flight at the time of purchase.) Nordica confirms the extra place if the weight of the instrument does not exceed 75 kg and the maximum measurements are 150x50x35cm (length+width+height).


Checked baggage

If the instrument is your only unit of baggage, whose measurements and weight do not exceed the free baggage limit, you can take it on the plane for free. In other cases, a musical instrument fee of €40 per unit per flight is charged. Note: If flights operated by different carriers are on the same ticket, Nordica’s fees apply if Nordica is listed as the first carrier on a domestic itinerary or if Nordica is the operator of the first international flight on an intra-Europe itinerary. Separate rules apply to long-haul flights. Ask Nordica customer service for more information.