For transporting musical instruments please apply for confirmation from the airline to make sure that your special baggage will be accepted on the flight.

Please contact Nordica Call Centre or your travel agency for applying the confirmation.

Musical instruments are accepted only when confirmed by the airline.

Nordica Customer Service Centre

Phone: +372 664 2200
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Musical instruments can be transported either in passenger's cabin or in the hold


Transportation in passenger’s cabin

small musical instruments taken as cabin baggage within cabin baggage allowance and do not need an extra seat;


Transportation in hold

if a music instrument is your only piece of checked baggage and it fits into free baggage allowance of your passenger’s ticket, it can be accepted free of charge. Otherwise it is charged according to Baggage allowances and fees.

Cello may be transported in the cabin but it may not be larger than 135x35x40 cm, and may not weigh more than 75 kg. A separate ticket must be bought for cello.