Pagas 158 cm

Depending on the service class you can check in on a flight:

Free checked baggage

Economy Standard

Economy Flex



1 PC

2 PC

2 PC

The maximum weight of each amount of baggage

23 kg

23 kg

32 kg

The maximum linear dimensions of each amount of baggage (height + width +length)

158 cm

158 cm

158 cm

Children under 2 years old (INF), not occupying a seat, are permitted 1 PC of baggage up to 23 kg (with the three dimension of 158 cm) regardless of class of travel or destination.

NOTICE: If your baggage exceeds the permitted dimensions, weight or amount, you will be charged additional fees at check-in. Information about baggage allowances and fees

It is strongly advised that checked baggage not contain the following items:

valuables, including cash;

recious metals, jewelry;

commercial documents or samples;

items that are not suited for transport***;

passports or other important papers*;


electronic devices or optical instruments **;

dangerous or hazardous items****.



* Incl identification documents

** Incl computers, laptops, cameras, mobile telephones, video equipment, glasses

*** Because of their properties and characteristics, such as weight, size, vulnerability to spoiling, breakage, or crushing, or other particular sensitivity

**** That can pose a danger to the aircraft or to people or items on board the aircraft

Passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles in their hold baggage:

Explosives and incendiary substances and devices, explosives and incendiary substances and devices capable of being used to cause serious injury or to pose a threat to the safety of aircraft:


smoke-generating canisters and smoke-generating cartridges;

blasting caps


detonators and fuses;



plastic explosives*****.

fireworks and other pyrotechnics;


***** Mines, grenades and other explosive military


A list of selected hazardous materials permitted to carry only in checked baggage *

Camping stoves and fuel tanks containing flammable fuel;**

Wheelchairs or other mobility-assistance equipment, powered by dry batteries; ***

Wheelchairs or other mobility-assistance equipment powered by standard acid-filled batteries;

Aerosols with no additional risk for sports or household use.

NOTICE: The carrier may refuse to accept checked baggage if it is not packed in a manner that guarantees safe carriage when handled with the exercise of an ordinary level of diligence. Nordica recommends precise labeling of baggage with an address tag or label. The carrier does not take responsibility for easily crushed or spoiled items, nor for cash, jewelry or other valuables, documents, commercial samples, etc. The carriage of these items takes place exclusively at the passenger's own risk and responsibility.

In the interest of safety, your baggage may be checked by the Security Services, for whose actions and the outcomes of those actions the carrier is not responsible, in accordance with the General Conditions of Transport.


* Not permitted in hand baggage

** Can be transported, provided that the tank has been emptied and any necessary precautions have been taken to prevent accident.

*** Provided that the battery is disconnected, its terminals are insulated against short circuits, and the battery is securely installed in the chair. Note: Wheelchairs and other mobility-assistance equipment powered by gel batteries do not need to be disconnected from power, provided that their terminals are insulated to prevent short circuits.