Flights to Rijeka

Flights to Rijeka

Rijeka – a slice of paradise for everyone who loves a holiday 

Beautiful beaches, a rich cultural scene and lively nights, ideal climate and wonderful nature are what make Rijeka such a hotly loved vacation destination. It’s a great place to bring your family, friends or companion. Rijeka helps you forget everyday cares and the sodden northern climate and whisks you away to an unforgettable holiday experience. It’s a place that you will long to come back to again and again. 


Flights from Rijeka

Flights to Rijeka

Kids & families

Natural History Museum

Rijeka’s natural history museum is a fascinating place for the whole family to explore the different Adriatic sea creatures, fish species and animals, beautiful botanical specimens and the latest discoveries and in geology as well as historical finds. Visitors both young and old can choose from a variety of frequent workshops, concerts and performances. Kids have a separate playroom at their disposal, good for several hours of discovery and fun. Be sure to visit the aquarium and botanical gardens as well. 

Visit the museum with the whole family – save money and everyone will have a fascinating time. 

THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM IN RIJEKA I NORDICA RECOMMENDS: Visit the museum with the whole family – save money and everyone will have a fascinating time. 



Maritime and History Museum

One of Rijeka’s most important museums is housed in a famous governor’s palace, which is itself a sight to behold. A multifaceted collection and interesting exhibits make this Maritime and History Museum one of the most frequently visited destinations for both tourists and locals, who return whenever a new exhibition opens. 

Culture and architecture

Trsat Castle

One of the most important sights in Rijeka. With its rich and colourful history, it has served a variety of rulers and has borne witness to many exciting events. The castle’s current Neo-Gothic style dates back to the time of the last nobility to hold court there. The castle is today visited by thousands of tourists a year and hosts a theatre and fashion shows, open air concerts and other entertainment events.

TRSAT CASTLE I One of Rijeka’s most important sights hosts various events popular among both tourists and locals. 



St. Vitus Cathedral 

The grand cathedral built in a Baroque style is surrounded by many intriguing legends. Rijekans are proud of this edifice, the only cathedral of its kind in Croatia. The church is in the heart of the city and is certainly a sight we recommend everyone to visit for its culture, architecture and history. Visiting this amazing place, you’ll see a grand collection chronicling key moments and events in Croatian history and various small wonders and rarities on display.

ST. VITUS CATHEDRAL IN RIJEKA I Beautiful and unique, being the only Baroque style building of its kind in Croatia 



Food, drink and nightlife

Croatia is famous for its culinary culture, its wines, and bon vivant approach to food. And incidentally, it’s not true that all Croatian wines are sweet. Visiting local restaurants and seeing their customs and unique flair, every visitor will discover for themselves how varied Croatian cuisine can be. Thanks to the rich history under various rulers, roaming down Croatia’s gourmet trails can be a rewarding experience. Throw in the friendly service – it’s always with a smile here – to put a spring into the step of any tourist. Take the sun, beach and warm sea breezes with you and think of them from time to time when you’re back home.

Konoba Na Kantunu

The seafood at this small but famous restaurant takes you on a voyage of flavours. Freshly sourced ingredients, dishes prepared with TLC and a high standard of service are the keywords that describe this restaurant. A real paradise for all lovers of seafood and all good food. 


This is the bakery with the best wares in the city, and it has three locations in Rijeka. Breads and pastries that will melt in your mouth and brighten the mood of any gastronome. 


Those who want to shop are advised to stop into three malls above all, nicely located by the beach. JL Store - ZTC, Tower Centre Rijeka and Robna Kuća Rijeka are the places to find that special gift.


It’s good to use buses to get around Rijeka, or go on foot, as the distances are short. Hiring a car is the best option if you’re heading out of the city. A number of city bus tickets are available depending on what you need.

TRNSPORT I Walking, taking the bus or hiring a car are the best ways to navigate Rijeka and surroundings 



Did you know...

  • The dogs known as Dalmatians were originally bred in Rijeka
  • Nordica flies direct from 9 June to 29 September 2018
  • Tallinn (TLL) - Rijeka (RJK)

    from 99.90€