Guidlines for Agents 

ATC (Amadeus Ticket Changer) is a product to automatically recalculate and prepare documents for issuance of voluntary reissues and revalidations. 

All fares with “VC”, Voluntary changes category (cat. 31), attached in the fare rule qualify for ATC. 

When using ATC, the rebooking fee must be collected on an EMD. 

For full information regarding reissue via ATC, see HEATC in Amadeus. 

ATC Refund

Amadeus Ticket Changer (ATC) Refund is a product which automates the ticket refund calculation process. 

The ATC refund calculation is based on the refund conditions, filed by the airlines in ATPCO.  

ATC refund automatically calculates the refundable fare amount and taxes of an unused, partially used or reissued ticket. 
It retrieves the fare rules and the fare calculation of a ticket, and also checks the coupon status of the E-ticket. 


Fares with the 'VR” voluntary refunds category attached in the fare rule qualifies for ATC refund. 

Death of passenger or the passenger's immediate family 

If a passenger or an immediate family member of the passenger dies before commencement of travel, tickets can, at any time, be completely refunded. EMD:s issued in connection with the ticket are also refundable. Death certificate or a copy of such is required. 

Duplicate segments in PNR 

Nordica  will cancel duplicate segments in reservations, following the Condition of Carriage Rules. 

If several segments to/from same destination are booked in the same PNR, the system will handle it as a Dupe and cancel duplicate segments, even if segments have different travel dates. Cancellations can only be avoided by issuing tickets for all segments.   

Duplicate PNR`s

Nordica  will cancel duplicate PNR´s, following the Condition of Carriage Rules. 

If Duplicate PNRs are identified, based on selected categories (e.g. names, FF and phone number, overlapping segments), the PNR is processed to be either queued, cancelled or ignored. Cancellations can only be avoided by issuing the tickets.  


There are two types of EMD, the Standalone EMD-S and the Associated EMD-A, which is associated to E-ticket coupons.  

EMD-A is available for  chargeable services 

EMD-S  used for  Standalone Services 

Form of payment 

Nordica accepts payments by cash, credit/debit card and invoice. 

Note: Nordica does not authorize credit/debit card via GDS.

Name in reservation

  • There can be maximum 29 characters in name element in the ticket. 
    Note: Name element updated with infant may have 29 characters for adult and 29 characters for infant. 
  • Name element must include all last names and first (given) name only. 
    Note: It is not needed to include all given names from passport. 
  • Name element in reservation must always match the name in passport, e.g. no nicknames to be used.  
  • It is very important that a middle name is entered as a first name and not as a surname, in the same way as shown in the passport.  


Reconfirmation of Nordica flights is not required. 


Revalidation is not allowed by agents . An e-ticket must always be reissued if the itinerary in the PNR has changed after ticketing. 

Ticketing Time Limit 

Nordica reservations without a valid ticket number are cancelled according to ticketing rules in the fare note. 
Note: In case of PNR:s including combinations of fares, with different ticketing rules, ATL will apply automatic cancellations to PNR:s by considering the most restricted ticketing rule. 

Ticketing time limits will be communicated by OPC elements (Option element – Cancellation).  

Cabin Baggage  CBBG 




Note!  Name of passenger and CBBG has to be added in one entry. 

The charge for each seat occupied by such baggage shall be the fare which would have been charged to a passenger occupying such seat for the travel to be undertaken at the time of Booking the additional seat. 

Separate Tickets for passenger and CBBG need to be issued. 

Add CB  to  CBBG ticket fare bases : TCSERT   EX    

Passenger taxes and fuel surcharges applicable to departing passengers are exempted, but value added taxes, like Swedish domestic XS tax, must be collected on the document issued. 

Refund according to the fare rule applied for this baggage. 

CBBG loading limits: 

Maximum dimensions of an item 150 x 35 x 50 (cm) 

Maximum weight 75 kg per item and per seat. 

HE STEPS => GP CBB (cabin baggage) 

Musical instruments can be carried in the cabin provided a charge for extra seat is paid. Seat must be requested at time of reservation. 

You can book an Extra seat for Cabin Baggage using the SSR element and a name element.  

You may only book one extra seat per passenger. 

Do not use an ID code with passenger name element or a title with CBBG name element. 





Do not use a title for the EXST name element.  

The charge for the additional seat is: 

100 PCT of applicable adult fare. 

The charge for the EXST must be entered as Q-surcharge into the fare calculation of the passenger ticket. 

Only one ticket to be issued. 

In the fare basis box, enter the applicable fare bases code, incl the fare and passenger type code EX 

Passenger taxes and fuel surcharges applicable to departing passengers are exempted, but value added taxes, like Swedish domestic XS tax, must be collected. 

EXST surcharge has to be shown in the fare calculation box with a Q indicator between fare break point and fare amount per each fare component where EXST is applicable.  

AJR ND STO Q454.00 454.00ND AJR Q454.00 454.00SEK1816.00END 

HE STEPS => GP XST (extra seat) 

Passengers may request an Extra seat to increase their personal comfort. An extra seat for comfort is an unoccupied seat adjacent to the passenger. The extra seat must be reserved and paid for.