Important! According to BSP Manual for Agents- IATA Ticketing Handbook and Passenger Conference. 

The agent shall make refund only in accordance with the carrier`s tariffs, conditions of carriage and written instructions and against receipt. The Agent shall only refund Traffic Documents issued by the agent (IATA Res 824,8). 

If the agent shall make a refund not in accordance with the rules above, they have to send a Refund Application through BSP link. 

An unused ND (121) document may be refunded within 12 months from the date of original issuance. In case of partially used ticket’s, refund time limit can be longer, for advice please contact to Nordica’s Agent support-     

Involuntary refunds 

Involuntary refunds may be made when an airline: 

  • cancels a flight. 
  • delays a flight over 5 hours.     
  • fails to stop at the point, where the passenger is destined or ticketed to stop over. 
  • is unable to provide previously confirmed space. 
  • causes a passenger to miss a connecting flight on which the passenger holds a ticket (connection flights sold on one ticket). 
  • makes planned schedule change, where the new departure or arrival time is later more than 5 hours from original departure or arrival times.   
  • has refused to carry a passenger because of safety or legal requirements.  

Involuntary and Voluntary Refunds 

If a flight is cancelled in advance or affected by a schedule change, this is to be considered as "not caused by extra ordinary circumstances” and must be taken care of by selling office, by confirming an alternative schedule towards the customer or cancel the PNR, as soon as possible or at latest 14 days after the timetable change notice. 

In case a PNR is not handled as described above, refund will not be accepted and ADM with penalty fee is issued. For details see Nordica’s ADM policy.  

Nordica authorize full refund of Nordica (121) tickets in case of cancellations of ND flights due to weather or technical reasons. No written authorization in the PNR necessary from Nordica’s agent support. 

Note: The return ticket portions for a passenger who has died en route will also be refunded on an involuntary basis. 

Involuntary refund (if the ticket qualifies for the reasons given above) can be performed by the following entry:  TRF/ATC/INV  (Nordica supports automated refunds handling).   

Voluntary refunds 

Voluntary refunds are refunds of unused tickets on voluntary basis. Refunds must be performed according to the fare’s tariff rules. 

Nordica supports refunds automatic calculation (our public fares are updated with Cat 33, ATPCO). For refund request use- TRF/ATC    

ND does not honor exceptional refund within 24 hours after booking was made (the ticket issuance). Each ticket (sale) can be cancelled (VOID) on the issuance day only. After sales confirming refunds are permitted according to the fare rules only.   

Refund in case of death 

If a passenger or an immediate family member of the passenger dies before the trip, tickets can be completely refunded. This is valid on ND documents. Death certificate or a copy of such is required and it should be attached to the Refund Application. This is in accordance with PAT rules 9.3.4.  

Refund YQ-surcharge: 

YQ-surcharge is not a tax, but a part of the air fare. Thus, it should follow the same rules in relation to fare regulations. YQ-surcharge is not refundable on air fare’s types that are not refundable, like Economy. 

Refund on tickets paid by credit card: 

Tickets paid for by credit card should never be refunded in cash. The reason for this is that the credit card company is the "person who paid for the ticket" not the passenger. This is so even if the passenger is the holder of the credit card. If an airline effected a cash refund without authority, it would be in breach of its contract with the credit card company. 

If the agent refunds the ticket to another form of payment than the ticket was purchased with, Nordica will charge the agent the refunded amount with an ADM trough BSP.