Nordica apply the following policy of name changes in all reservations made on ND operating flights:

  • Name change (name element change) is a correction of the name (without change of passenger) on operating flights of Nordica.
  • Name change that involves a change of passenger is not allowed.

The flight ticket is an official document, wherein the passenger´s name has to be an exact match with the name in his/her travel document. In case of misspellings, the passenger’s name needs to be corrected. The name correction can be authorized by Nordica’s Agent support-


Please note following rules:

  • one first name is enough
  • AE/A, OE/O etc => no correction needed (e.g. name Söderholm can be written as SODERHOLM or SOEDERHOLM).


  • Name correction (max 3 characters) e.g. misspelled name. Changing these three characters can not lead to change the wording of the passenger’s name.
  • Wrong title, e.g. MR instead of MS.
  • Changing or adding date of birth (YTH, YCD).
  • Change in the marital status of the passenger.
  • Improper placement of the surname in the name field element.

Infants without a seat- it is allowed to add infant or correct the infant name data.

Name correction (name element correction) without change of passenger is limited to following cases, see below. Procedure is used irrespective of the class and fare in which the ticket was issued. 


Nordica’s name correction fee (name element fix which leads to the ticket reissue) is €30 (VAT included) per ticket. The fee must be collected in local currency, with rate valid on the date of issue, and inserted as a DU tax in the ticket.

Name correction (name element correction) is not allowed in case of ND marketing or other airline flights involved in the reservation.

Nordica may require the person wishing to make an adjustment, to prove theirs identity by sending specific documents in order to verification.