Required travel documents

Please be advised that each flying child is required to have their own ID.

Documents accepted by NORDICA:

  • domestic routes: ID card, passport, school ID or birth certificate (in case of children up to 7 years)
  • international flights (Schengen): ID card or passport,
  • international flights (non-Schengen): passport (visas, if required).

 Make sure the baby has a ticket and all the required travel documents!


All infant and child reservations must include date of birth. According to IATA, child is defined age 2-11 years.

An infant is a passenger who has not reached his/her 2nd birthday

An infant shall be carried on the lap of an adult unless the applicable child fare has been paid and the infant is  carried in a car-type infant seat or a baby basket properly secured in a separate seat or infant is able to sit by itself in a separate seat.

Rules for two infants

An adult may carry a maximum of 2 infants on a flight if the applicable child fare is paid for at least one of the infants.

The following requirements should be complied with:

  • One infant is able to sit in a seat or is in a car-type infant seat or baby basket, and
  • The other infant sits on the adult’s lap.


Infant limits on board

Maximum number of infants allowed on each flight is determined by the amount of the appropriate safety equipment on board.

 Car-type Infant Seat and Baby Basket

Nordica does not provide car-type infant seats or baby baskets, but passengers may bring their own car-type infant seats or baby baskets on board for infants, approved for use in aircraft. The following conditions shall be met:


Free baggage allowance for infant:1 piece up to 23 kg and 158 cm; stroller

Prams need to be sent as checked baggage. For protection, prams must be packed in a special plastic bag.

  • The car-type infant seat or baby basket shall be installed forward or aft facing and must be secured with the aircraft seatbelt.
  • The accompanying passenger is responsible for securing the car-type infant seat or baby basket in the passenger seat according to car-type infant seat or baby basket manufacturer’s specifications.
  • The seat’s/basket’s maximum horizontal measure must not exceed 65 cm / 25 in and height must not exceed 45 cm / 18 in.


  • Infants are not permitted to bring any hand luggage.
  • Infants without a seat are entitled to 1pc of luggage maximum 23kg/ 50lbs plus a babypram  
  • Infants paying child fare are entitled to the same allowance as adults plus a babypram

Safety regulations require that children must be provided with their own seat from the day of their 2nd birthday. Fare note state that an infant who is under the age of 2 years on the date of outbound travel is entitled to an infant fare reduction.


An infant under 2 years of age on outbound flight, but 2 years or more on the homebound flight, must be booked as a child throughout the journey if return ticket.


If issued as one way tickets; infant outbound and child inbound.

If return ticket, child both outbound and inbound


  • Add INF to ADT - use input (in Amadeus): 1/(ADT)(INF/ELLE/04SEP15) or 1/(ADT)(INFKASK/ELLE/04SEP20) 
  • Price INF and charge 10% of the adult fare paid on the original booking date.
  • Note: No charge for infants domestic  SE. 
  • Add FP for INF with reference to ADT 
  • Issue ET for INF



Note: If alternative 1 is not possible, follow below procedure.

  • Delete FA line for ADT.
  • Add INF to ADT.
  • Add FA for ADT.
  • Note: Insert ticket number as follows: FHE121-1111111111/C1-2/S2-3/P1.
  • Check that ADT ticket is correctly associated to all segments and revalidate if possible. 
  • Price INF and charge 10% of the adult fare paid on the original booking date.
  • Note: No charge for infants domestic  SE.
  • Add FP for INF with reference to ADT.
  • Issue ET for INF.
  • Revalidate/ reissue ADT ticket. 


  • First infant is free of charge.



An Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) is a child who has reached his 5th but not 12th birthday, and travelling alone, without parent or guardian, or has reached his 12th but not 16th birthday, travelling alone, without parent or guardian and requires assistance.

Note: A child under the age of 12 years, separated from the accompanying adult, who is travelling in another cabin class, must be considered as an unaccompanied child on board in order to ensure that the child is assisted in case of an emergency situation.

Unaccompanied Minor, followed by age (5-16 YRS)- A young person 12-17 years (incl.) old travelling alone and for whom the parent/guardian have requested UMNR handling.

Children under 5:

Can not be accepted for travel as an UMNR. They can only be accepted for travel if the travel companion has reached his/her 16 years of age and capable of taking care of the minor during the journey.

Attention: Please observe that the note MAAS shall under no circumstances be used for children aged 12-15 years  instead of the note UMNR when ordinary Unaccompanied Minor assistance is requested. (MAAS is not available on Nordica Flights)

Children aged 5-11:

If travelling alone, the UMNR service is mandatory. If not wanting the UMNR service, they can only be accepted for travel if the travel companion has reached his/her 16 years of age.

Children aged 12-15:

If travelling alone, the UMNR service is optional.

Service charge

Additional service charge applies for UMNR service, collected with EMD.

Note: If two UMNRs are from same family and travelling together, only one UMNR charge to be collected (2 for 1). SR CKIN remark must be added