Economy Economy Flex Busines
Reservation   T,L,U,K,V,W,Q,H,E,M,Y A,P C,D
Pre-seating   Yes Yes Yes
Check in   free free free
Baggage Baggage (1pc of cabin baggage) 1PC 8 kg 1PC 8 kg 1PC 8 kg
Checked baggage 1PC 23 kg 2PC 23 kg 2PC 32 kg
Web check-in   Yes Yes Yes
Fast track   No No No
Inflight services Complementary - meal* meal*
Water, coffe, tea drinks* drinks* meal*

Note: Limited On-board service until 31 October 2021 - Nordica has suspended in-flight service to reduce the risk of spreading infection. This means we won’t provide beverages and meals as well reading materials such as newspapers and onboard magazines.