Nordica (ND) domestic/ international fees - YQ 

YQ fee applies to each sector in the itinerary where ND is used in the reservation. The fee amounts applicable to each sector are added together and shown as a total amount in the Tax, Fee and Charges field of the ticket. The YQ fee are subject to changes.  

VAT tax on domestic travel applies for YQ fee in Sweden (XS). 

For fares that are refundable, the YQ fee is refundable. 

For non-refundable fares, the YQ fee is not refundable.  

If a non-refundable fare has been reissued into a refundable fare, the YQ fee of the non-refundable fare remains non-refundable.  

For fares refundable against a cancellation fee, the YQ/YR fee is refundable for unused tickets. 
If the cancellation fee is higher than the fare/tax amount, the YQ/YR amount will be used to pay a part of the cancellation fee. 

Passenger Service and Security charge for Sweden (YA). 

The Passenger Service/Security charge will be shown under YA in the tax-box in the passenger ticket. 

The YA-amount charged differs between the airports and also between pure domestic travel and international travel. 

Note: Always use airport codes to get the correct YA-amount to be charged. 

Group reservations. 

Group fares quoted by Nordica include YQ fee.  
All taxes and surcharges must be added to the net fare.

Swedish aviation tax (LJ) 

Applicable on departures from all airports in Sweden. 

The tax is to be collected at point of sale and shown separately on the ticket by tax code LJ. 

Transfer in Sweden is not subject to tax if stopover is less than 24 hours. 
Domestic departures are subject to domestic Value Added Tax (VAT) - tax code XS. 


Tax exemptions 

Infants under 2 years 

Transit and transfer passengers within 24 hours 



VAT on travel within Sweden (XS) 

A VAT 6% is applicable for air travel on Swedish domestic flights. 

A VAT 6% applies for ancillary services and name change, rebooking- and refund fees. 

DF-display - Amadeus 

It is possible to calculate the base fare, total fare or VAT by adding a percentage to the base fare, or subtracting a percentage from the total. Input: DF30P6 (EUR30/ 6%)