In accordance with IATA Resolution 850m, NORDICA would like to publish its ADM policy to all travel agents. The purpose of this document is to provide clarity for all circumstances under which ADMs will be raised. 

NORDICA will issue ADMs to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions related to the violation of NORDICA’s fare products or the issuance and use of NORDICA’s traffic documents, issued by or at the request of the agent, regardless of which airlines are included in the itinerary of the NORDICA’s traffic document. The ticketing agent shall be responsible for any breach of the currently valid guidelines, tariffs and policies in connection with the ticketing process, in case of any breach of the guidelines, the respective booking agency shall be liable. 

Agents who ignore these guidelines, rules and policies will be charged by ADM. This also includes agents who issue a high number of invalid/incorrect ADM disputes through BSP link, the penalty ADM is €35.  


NORDICA audits all ticketing and booking related transactions of any PNR that contains an ND segment or a 121 document.  

If an agent has to deviate from applicable rules the agent has to contact a NORDICA sales support  

Reasons for ADM issue

Incorrect ticketing, reservation and fare audit.

  • If fare/ticketing rules have been ignored or violated. Ignoring IATA ticketing rules results fixed penalty fee €35. 
  • If fare/ticketing rules, e.g. sales restrictions of other carriers issued on ND documents have been ignored or violated, an ADM will be raised for the next applicable published fare where the conditions are met or fixed penalty amount €35.  
  • Missing or incorrect Baggage allowance. The baggage allowance must be correctly specified in the ticket, ignoring results fixed penalty fee €35. 
  • Missing or incorrect Date of Birth (youth and senior fares). The date of birth must be correctly inserted in the PNR before the time of ticket issuance. Ignoring results fixed penalty fee €35.  
  • Incomplete or incorrect discount code within tariff code (i.e. IN90,CH25 etc.) results penalty fee €35. 

Commission audit 

  • Overclaim of Commission 

Tax audit 

  • Under collection of taxes, airline fee and surcharges 


  • Overclaim refunds of fare, taxes, fees and/or surcharges. 
  • Double refunds. 
  • Refund of non-refundable EMDs without a written authorization by NORDICA. 
  • Missing cancellation fees. 
  • When a full refund has been authorized but the agent fails to cancel the flight segment before   departure, NORDICA will raise an ADM for the applicable fare of the respective cabin class. 
  • Mishandled schedule change/cancellation, refund performed outside timeframe (for details see the example below). In that case, ADM with penalty fee €35 will be issued.   

Example - If a flight is cancelled in advance or affected by a schedule change, this is to be considered as "not caused by extra ordinary circumstances” and must be taken care of by selling office, by confirming an alternative schedule towards the customer or cancel the PNR, as soon as possible or at latest 14 days after the timetable change notice.


  • Missing or under collected rebooking/name change fee. Penalties not collected in accordance ND rules. 
  • Rebooking and reissues must be done within the original booking (PNR) or corresponding split PNR. It is not allowed to create a new PNR to process a rebooking. 
  • Under collection of fare, taxes, fees and/or surcharges. 

Credit card fraud/violation 

  • Unauthorized credit card chargeback's. 
  • Ticket refunded to another form of payment than original, ADM with penalty fee €35 will be issued. 

Unreported sale 

  • Any ticket which has not been billed trough BSP will be charged by ADM for the full applicable fare amount of the respective cabin class and applicable taxes. 

Non-compliance with NORDICAs Payment Policy 

  • Use of non-accepted cards will result ADM in full ticketed amount.  

Agents who are in non-compliance with article 830d under the Passenger Agency Conference Resolution (the requirement for an Agent to notify passengers regarding schedule changes and cancellations) 

  • An ADM will be issued to cover penalties ND has been charged by an EU regulatory authority for not advising the passenger in advance of the schedule change or cancellation.  

Contact details 

ND Sales support  

General rules: 

  • Nordica has a fixed ADM administration fee €10. 
  • The cap between under-collection and correct amount will be charged. 
  • Fixed penalty fee is €35  
  • All ADM's are disputable in BSP Link within the statutory 14 days from the date of issue. 
  • The minimum amount for the issuance of an ADM regarding fares will be the equivalent of €5   
  • The minimum amount for the issuance of an ADM for tax billing/charges will be the equivalent of €2  
  • ADM's will be generated against the agencies issuing tickets and / or reservations originate. 
  • Recommend consulting the Resolution 850m. 
  • ACM – Agent Credit Memo – In the event the ADM is unjustified, Nordica will issue ACM at the respective amount.