Aviation requires teamwork and we therefore place high value on our interns' ability to cooperate, initiative and dedication.

We offer professional training, flexible working hours and a chance to stand out and make contacts. The best trainees are offered discounts on plane tickets and the chance to continue working for Nordica after their placement period has ended.

The application requirements include very good knowledge of spoken and written English, problem-solving skills and an interest in aviation.

The placement gave me the opportunity to test my sales and communication skills on the international market. I liked that my opinions and initiative were recognised and that I was encouraged to do things and find solutions on my own. I'm happy my internship led to a full-time job at Nordica, allowing me to develop my professional skills further on a daily basis.



As a student fresh out of school, the internship at Nordica gave me a great insight into the world of aviation. I learned how operational processes, crew scheduling and manuals work. The internship gave me a unique experience you can’t get at school or in lectures and the opportunity to continue working for Nordica.