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Nordica is a rapidly growing company that values its employees

Nordic Aviation Group AS (Nordica) has made significant progress during its four years of operations on its domestic market and in terms of its export services. We operate with more than 20 aircraft, and in addition to Tallinn, we have bases in several Nordic countries.

We want to ensure that our employees feel valued and cared for. We offer in-house career opportunities and encourage our employees to share their ideas to make Nordica better. 

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We believe that all employees are equally important to the company and strive to be a flexible and supportive employer. 

We are friendlyopen and honest towards both our employees and partners. 

Aviation requires teamwork, so we place a high value on ability to cooperate, initiative and dedication. We take care of one another and move forward together.

Open positions for Cabin Crew

At the moment we don't have open positions for Cabin Crew 

Come and join one of the fastest-growing airlines in Northern Europe!


Qualification requirements:

  • Secondary education
  • Fluency in Polish/ Dutch/ Danish/ Swedish/ Norwegian and English
  • Desire to offer clients pleasant and memorable service
  • Good diction and communication skills
  • Correctness and punctuality
  • Trustworthiness and a sense of responsibility
  • Willingness to work to a rotating work schedule
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Maximum height of 180 cm
  • Ability to swim
  • Good health (no illnesses that prevent you from working in an aircraft)

Remuneration and bonuses:

  • Revealed during introduction and interview

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to train as a cabin crewt while studying elsewhere?

Cabin crew training lasts for up to two months. For the first month it takes place from Monday to Friday during regular working hours. You could encounter scheduling conflicts, so it may be hard to keep up with your studies while familiarising yourself with the specifics of working as a flight attendant. The training period is followed by active full-time work to cement the skills you have acquired. Training to be a flight attendant while also studying elsewhere is complicated.

Do I have to change my place of residence?

Due to the nature of the job, it is recommended that you live near your home airport to shorten the commuting time. If you are on call, you need to be at the airport within an hour of being called in.