Belgian trade unions have called a national strike on 13 February 2019 at 06:00 (UTC +1) and will last until 14 February 06:00. Unfortunately, Nordica flight schedule may be affected if negotiating parties will not reach an agreement. The following Nordica flights may be affected:

Wednesday 13.02.2019:

  • LO8175 Tallinn-Brussels
  • LO8177 Tallinn-Brussels
  • LO8176 Brussels-Tallinn
  • LO8178 Brussels-Tallinn


Nordica offers you FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Rebooking (Change of Date) your original flight date to an 1 day earlier departure date/ 1 day later departue date on the same Nordica route, operated by Nordica/LOT Polish Airlines, subject on the availability of seats. Free of charge rebooking offer applies once. In case of rebooking the ticket becomes non-refundable.

Please make sure we have your current contact information, so that we can contact you when the need arises. You can check it from

If you decide to travel on 13th February we recommend to travel with hand luggage only as your checked in luggage might get stuck in Brussels airport.

If your flight is cancelled (please check before if your flight has been cancelled) then: 

  • We inform customers of flight cancellations and delays by contacting via e-mail/phone/airport desks.
  • If the new routing/date suits to you, please arrive to the airport according to your new reservation.
  • If you did not change your original flight date and wish to change the routing/date, please contact Nordica Customer Service by phone +372 664 2200, so we may look options available for you (if your flight has been cancelled).

Please note, that  as per law, compensation is not applicable for passengers affected by strikes.

We're following the situation closely during the upcoming days. We wish that the negotiating parties can reach an agreement.

We are sorry for all the inconvenience caused to our customers.