Kiev Borispol - Tallinn

Lennud Kiev Borispol - Tallinn


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and an ideal holiday destination if you want to combine the comforts of modern world, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventures with rich cultural scene in the local historical setting.

Tallinn’s medieval Old Town is known around the world for it’s authentic Hanseatic architecture. Enjoy the cobblestone streets and houses dating back as far as to 11th century, visit few of the local galleries and museums, indulge in small cosy cafés or restaurants and buy travel memorabilia from summer or Christmas open air Hanseatic fairs.

Just a 5 minute walk from the medieval Old Town is the thriving business centre of Tallinn: modern glass and steel skyscrapers, high-tech hotels and conference centres, hundreds of restaurants and bars, banks and shopping. Here is everything you would expect from a modern European capital, within an easy reach and for a friendlier price.


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Kiievi Borõspili lennujaam

Kiievi Borõspili lennujaam

Borõspili rahvusvaheline lennujaam jääb Ukraina pealinnast Kiievist 29 km ida poole. See on Ukraina suurim lennujaam, mis teenindab suuremat osa riigi rahvusvahelistest lendudest. Lennujaamas on neli terminali, millest üks on VIP-terminal.

D-terminalis asuvad söögikohad ja kohvikud, kus saate nautida maitsvaid eineid ja suupisteid, samal ajal kui ootate oma lendu või kokkulepitud kohtumist.

Sisseostude tegemine Borõspili rahvusvahelise lennujaama D-terminalis on igati meeldiv ajaviide. Poodides on müügil lai valik luksuslikke parfüüme, rõivaid, aksessuaare, alkoholi, šokolaadi, mänguasju ja suveniire.

Tutvuge lähemalt Borõspili lennujaamaga.

Tallinn Airport (TLL)

Tallinn Airport (TLL)

Tallinn Airport is located just 4 km from the city centre making the airport easily accessible. The airport has good public transport connections, offers sufficient access for taxies and provides plenty of options for parking your car.

Tallinn Airports aim is to be the world’s cosiest airport.

In recent years, the transformation of Tallinn Airport into a cosy airport has been particularly noticeable. The different needs of passengers have been more clearly catered for in order to offer everyone a chance to spend their waiting time as pleasantly as possible.

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