Kiev Borispol - Munich

Lennud Kiev Borispol - Munich


This city is a blend of medieval history and modern architecture. In early autumn it is also the setting for the Oktoberfest, a traditional event whose origins date back to 1810 and which is attended every year by around six million visitors, drawn here by the beer, the "beer maids" in traditional Bavarian costume who carry beer mugs with the skill of circus artistes, and Bavarian culture in general. Munich is the home of FC Bayern, the most successful football club in a country where football is taken extremely seriously.

It is also home to the Allianz Arena, a football stadium that is affectionately known as the Schlauchboot (rubber dinghy) because of its shape. The Olympiastadion, built for the 1972 Summer Olympics, serves as a venue for concerts by the world's biggest music stars, which draw visitors from far and wide. Munich also has the Deutsches Museum, a museum of science and technology that has no equal anywhere in the world.Many major corporations have their head offices in Munich, most notably Siemens and BMW.

Munich is also the birthplace of the famous composer Richard Strauss, the legendary footballer Franz Beckenbauer, today the honorary president of FC Bayern, and seven Nobel laureates. Famous residents have included Thomas Mann, Richard Wagner, Freddie Mercury and Lenin.


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Kiievi Borõspili lennujaam

Kiievi Borõspili lennujaam

Borõspili rahvusvaheline lennujaam jääb Ukraina pealinnast Kiievist 29 km ida poole. See on Ukraina suurim lennujaam, mis teenindab suuremat osa riigi rahvusvahelistest lendudest. Lennujaamas on neli terminali, millest üks on VIP-terminal.

D-terminalis asuvad söögikohad ja kohvikud, kus saate nautida maitsvaid eineid ja suupisteid, samal ajal kui ootate oma lendu või kokkulepitud kohtumist.

Sisseostude tegemine Borõspili rahvusvahelise lennujaama D-terminalis on igati meeldiv ajaviide. Poodides on müügil lai valik luksuslikke parfüüme, rõivaid, aksessuaare, alkoholi, šokolaadi, mänguasju ja suveniire.

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Munich International Airport (MUC)

Munich International Airport (MUC)

Munich International Airport is located 28.5 km north-east of the centre of Munich. Germany's second busiest airport has two terminals.

You can reach the centre of Munich from the airport by S-Bahn train or bus. In both cases journey time is around 40 minutes. If you travel by taxi or hire car, it will take you approximately half an hour to reach the city centre.

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