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Nordica is committed to the privacy of its customers. The terms of use of customer data describe the ways in which we manage customer data.

Use of customer data

We require certain information from our customers in order to make bookings. Nordica collects data submitted by our customers along with information we receive as a result of customers’ activities when using our services as well through visits to our websites and other websites via links on our website. We also collect information on performed transactions, including data about cards used for making payments.
We may collect additional information if you take part in our campaigns or competitions or send us feedback with additional information.
We use the information we receive to customise our service and make it more personal. We use our customer’s contact data to contact them. We may send our customers updates and special offers about Nordica’s products and services or about the products of other companies that have been carefully selected that we believe may be of interest to the customer. We may contact our customers via post, e-mail, phone, SMS or fax to send updates or offers. We may send advertisements for other parties in emails confirming bookings (may include information about the flight or other services purchased from our website) if we believe such advertisements may interest the customer.
Customers may remove their contact information from the list for updates and offers.
We would like and expect customers to provide feedback enabling us to improve our service. We may contact our customers via post, e-mail, phone or SMS to ask for their opinions. We would like to point out that situations may occur when we feel the need to contact our customers for administrative or operational reasons, for example, to share information about changes to the flight schedule.
We may use and analyse collected information to administrate, support, improve and develop our activities. Customer data is stored in Nordica’s systems or third party systems of our choosing. We may allow the use of customer data by third parties who act on our behalf or on the basis of the customer’s consent.

Website monitoring

Nordica uses monitoring software to maintain an overview of user movements and visits to the website. Our goal is to improve and develop our website and make it better still based on the needs of our users. The software we use does not enable us to save personal data. We retain user data for a reasonable time period or to comply with an obligation imposed by law.


Cookies are small pieces of data saved by the user’s browser to the computer’s hard drive. These pieces of data allow Nordica to provide options such as remembering user information for future visits, enabling faster search results by means of pre-filled form fields, etc. Cookies can be deleted from the computer’s hard drive. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but users can configure their browsers to avoid cookies. Most actions available through our website can be performed without cookies. Our cookies do not contain personally identifying information. Cookies are used in electronic messages that the customer has agreed to receive as well as on our website to measure the performance of our advertisements and to assess customers’ behaviour on our website. If the customer does not wish to support our endeavours to improve our offers and advertising strategy, then they must configure their browser’s cookie settings. When the customer visits our website using a link embedded in an electronic message, we receive information about how the combination of cookies and pixels affects their behaviour on our website. We receive information about what customers think is important or unimportant. This will enable us to start sending our customers more information that may interest them. Information collected in the aforementioned way will only be used by Nordica; we will not share said information with third parties. If you do not wish to use cookies, then please configure your browser's cookie settings.

Use of pixels

Nordica uses pixels when sending electronic messages in order to find out who opens the message and how these messages and their content affect the behaviour of our customers. To make messages more interesting, we also use pixels to determine whether customers prefer text messages or HTML formatting. Nordica discloses personal information about payment methods and bookings to companies that issued the credit or debit card used to make the payment. For your convenience, we share links to other sites on our website We would like to point out that these sites may have their own security and privacy policies which we have no control over and for which we take no responsibility.

Changes to the website and the terms of use

We retain the right to make updates and changes in connection to the information, services, products and other content available on this website without prior notice. We retain the right to change, improve, add or remove parts of these terms of use at any time and without prior notice. Continuing use of our website will be seen as agreement to these terms and conditions.

Your approval

By using Nordica’s website, you agree to the collection and processing of information in the manner described above. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.