An electronic ticket or E-ticket replaces paper ticket and includes passenger name, itinerary, date and price.

This information is stored in LOT Polish Airlines data base after the booking and payment have taken place. After that a passenger receives an e-mail on an automatic reservation confirmation and soon after that an E-ticket (Electronic Ticket Passenger Itinerary Receipt) containing following data: 

  • family name and first name of the passenger,
  • E-ticket number,
  • reservation number,
  • flight number, date, origin and destination city, departure and arrival time,
  • price,
  • extracts of the Warsaw Convention.

The copy of an E-ticket together with passport or identity card will be sufficient to obtain your boarding pass at the check-in desk. It is possible to check-in without an E-ticket copy, although we strongly suggest to keep it with you throughout entire travel time. It may be helpfull in cases of unexpected troubles at check-in time or when reservation change is needed.

Does the electronic ticketing exist for all Nordica / LOT Polish Airlines flights?

Yes, E-ticket is available on all Nordica / LOT Polish Airlines. 

If you need more information about e-ticketing or if you do not receive an automatic reservation confirmation by e-mail after making your reservation and payment, please do not hesitate to contact us either by e-mail info@flynordica.com or by phone at +372 664 2200.

Fare Family groups Economy  Premium Economy  Business 


LO8000-LO8999 LO8000-LO8999
Booking classes M,E,H,Q,T,V,W,L,U P,A C,D
Change of booking 65 EUR, note 1, 2 plus fare difference plus fare difference
Cancellation possibility NO refund full refund full refund
Baggage 1 x 23 kg 2 x 23 kg 2 x 32 kg
  8 kg hand baggage 8 kg hand baggage 2 x 9 kg hand baggage
Seat reservation (free of charge) up to 8 EUR YES YES
Additional seat for comfort (extra seat) NO NO YES
Miles & More 125-1250 750-1350 1250-2000
Check-in free free free
Priority check in NO YES YES
Access to Lounge NO NO YES
Meal and drink service drinks drinks + meal drinks + meal
Newspapers YES YES YES

Note 1: charge apply per ticket plus difference to higher fare. 

Note 2: Not possible for campaign fares