Personal assistance

When is an accompanying person necessary?

Never claim to be self-sufficient if you are not, since this could cause you and us serious problems because we will not be able to meet your basic needs. If you would like to travel alone but are unsure whether you count as self-sufficient, please consult the following guidelines:

  • you must not be reliant on supplementary oxygen;
  • you must be capable of feeding yourself;
  • you must be capable of moving from a passenger seat to an on-board wheelchair, if such a wheelchair is available;
  • you must be able to communicate with cabin crew and understand their advice and instructions;
  • you must be able to use the toilet facilities unaided;
  • you must be capable of administering your own medicines and medical procedures.

The accompanying person must be

  • at least 16 years old;
  • familiar with the passenger's health status;
  • capable of providing first aid;
  • physically capable of helping the passenger in the event of evacuation or forced landing;
  • physically capable of accompanying the passenger to the toilet and assisting him/her there;
  • able to assist the passenger in all situations;
  • familiar with emergency procedures.

A decision on the accompanying person will be made by the carrier on receiving the passenger's completed declaration. The passenger will be notified of the decision in writing