In Business and Premium class we offer on board:

  • free snacks and/or a cold meal
  • coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and juice
  • alcoholic beverages such as red and white wine, beer and cognac.

We offer both Estonian and English language newspapers: Eesti Päevaleht, Postimees, Õhtuleht, Sirp and Äripäev, The Baltic Times.

In Business class, when possible, the seat next to you is left vacant to offer you the best possible flight experience. You can also use a pillow and a blanket.

In business class

In economy class we offer on board:

  • we offer free Vichy water, coffee and tea
  • all passengers can get a copy of the following newspapers: Postimees, Õhtuleht, Sirp and The Baltic Times.

We advise passengers travelling in economy class to pre-order their meals (see below). This allows you to enjoy your favourite food during the flight and be served before other passengers.

Snacks can be purchased from our on-board menu ‘Snack in the Clouds’. The on-board menu ‘Snack in the Clouds’ contains a good selection of Estonian snacks and sweets. The menu is based on Estonian ingredients and local flavours.

Look at the selection here:

Pre-order menu on board

Ordering a meal is easy. The selection is varied and the meals are mostly made from Estonian ingredients. The selection of meals is not the same as that offered on board.

You can pre-order your meal not later than 36 hours (calculated according to TLL time) before the departure.

You can also surprise your friends, partner or acquaintance by ordering some cake, champagne or fruit for them to enjoy during the flight.

Take a look at the selection and submit your order HERE.
Bon appetit and bon voyage!