What does this mean?

For passengers already holding a Nordica ticket, the new partnership will not entail any practical changes – the flights will be operated on Nordica aircraft, and there will be no changes in the flight schedules. You will also be able to continue collecting Star Alliance bonus points. However, Nordica will start using the LOT Polish Airlines (LOT) commercial platform and ticketing system.

Cooperation with LOT is excellent news for all of our passengers. It will allow us to complement direct flights by Nordica with more comfortable connections through Warsaw thanks to the LOT route map. LOT operates an average of 200 flights per day to 60 destinations. LOT’s long haul flights to New York, Chicago, Toronto, Tokyo, Beijing, and Seoul, as well as to Los Angeles and Newark starting next spring, are serviced by the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Nordica will provide flight operation services to LOT, which will improve the organisation of regional flights by LOT. Thanks to this cooperation, Nordica’s fleet will increase by three aircraft over the next year, and 70 new jobs will be created.

Our cooperation with Adria Airways will continue in its current format for another two weeks, until 18 November. Flights in cooperation with LOT will start on 19 November. All Nordica flights will receive the flight code LO instead of the current JP.

See all the destinations by Nordica and LOT Polish Airlines HERE

See the press release about the cooperation between Nordica and LOT Polish Airlines HERE 

Have you bought a ticket from Nordica?

Check if the changes in flight codes affect you:


Airlines and resellers will rearrange your ticket in the system to the correct flight number at no additional charge, and communicate the update to you before the flight. There will be no changes in flight times. 


  • I have stopover flights. Will my flights take place according to the booked route?

-Yes, only the flight number of the Nordica flight segment will change, and consequently we will have to issue a new ticket.

  • Will there be changes in my flight times in connection with the transition to the LOT Polish Airlines flight number?

- In connection with the transition, and in co-operation with LOT, no changes will take place in the Nordica flight schedule. Due to the transition to the winter schedule, minor changes can be expected in the Nordica flight schedule. If this should affect your flights, you will be notified.

  • Will travellers really need to contact their travel agency themselves or will they be contacted?

- If you have not been contacted, please contact the travel agency where you purchased your ticket. Tickets with changed flight numbers are issued in sequence.

  • What can be done when it comes to a travel agency that cannot be contacted before a flight?

- Please contact Nordica at info@nordica.ee if your flight is in less than 24 hours, we can make the change for the travel agency ourselves. If the flight is later, we will add a reminder for the travel agency in the booking.

  • How does check-in for flights from November 5 - 18 take place?

- Check-in for those flights will take place either at the airport check-in desks or through the Adria Airways check-in environment: https://www.adria.si/et/check-in/ (Online check-in cannot be done: for flights departing from Vilnius, Trondheim, and Amsterdam). In self-service kiosks, check-in can be done in Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim and Munich.

  • How will check-in take place as of November 19?

- Online check-in is available for all Nordica direct flights from Tallinn and to Tallinn. It is always possible to check-in at the airport’s check-in desks.

  • What happens if a part of my Adria airline ticket is before November 19 and a portion of it is after that?

- The same procedures shown in the above diagram will apply to the portion of the flight ticket which takes place after November 19. Your ticket will be remade with the new flight number, and forwarded to you. You can also turn to the travel agency or the reseller who sold you the ticket.

  • I purchased extra or special luggage (e.g., ski luggage) for the flight. Will the the special luggage, e.g., ski baggage, be reregistered to the new flight number as well?

- For you, nothing will change in this regard.

  • If my flight departs from a foreign destination (to Tallinn), will the same procedure apply?

- Yes.

  • Where can I buy tickets for direct flights, which will take place from November 5 to 18?

- For this, please contact our customer service or your travel agency/reseller.

  • If I have booked an on-board meal for a flight scheduled for departure after 19 November, will it still be served?

- Yes, all booked on-board meals will be available.

  • What happens to the frequent flyer loyalty programme? Will I get bonus points? Will I lose the points collected from previous flights?

- Star Alliance bonus points will not be lost on Nordic flights and you can earn miles in accordance with the following LOT booking class rules.

  • I have booked an additional service (e.g. for an unaccompanied child/pet, etc.), will I be able to use the service?

- Yes, if you have paid for the service, it will be available after your ticket is changed.


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