Cabin Baggage

Passengers are allowed cabin baggage under the following circumstances:

  • the dimensions must not exceed 55x40x23 cm (length x width x height);
  • all liquids carried in hand luggage must fit into a single 1-litre, transparent, resealable plastic bag (such as a minigrip bag);
  • the maximum size of the individual containers holding the liquids in the plastic bag is 100 ml;
  • prohibited articles are not allowed to be carried in the cabin baggage.

Passengers travelling in business class are allowed to carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage.

In addition for cabin baggage, passengers are allowed to carry free of charge the following accessories: a handbag, an overcoat, an umbrella, a laptop or one item similar or smaller size, a small camera bag and 1umbrella type baby stroller with small wheels for infant (when travelling with infant).

Pieces of cabin baggage exceeding these limits have to be checked in. We recommend carrying valuable items and documents as cabin baggage.

  Economy  Premium Business
Cabin baggage 1 x 8 kg 1 x 8 kg 2 x 9 kg

Checked baggage

Prices are per one way flights operated by Nordica /  LOT (LO).

The fees specified in the table are incurred per route in each case and apply to Nordica/LOT operated flights.

When passenger holds the ticket sold as code-share partner flight operated by Nordica/LOT, the Nordica/LOT fees and charges apply.

Additional piece of baggage - not included in a ticket price (according to a tariff)


Direct flight one way EUR

Additional piece (max. 23 kg and 158 cm)

60* / 75

Additional piece over 23 kg, max. 32 kg and 158 cm or  additional piece max. 23 kg, and over 158 cm

116* / 145

Additional piece over 23 kg,and max. 32 kg, and over 158 cm

172* / 215

* No less than 12 hours before your flight's departure time

Baggage exceeding dimensions and/or weight- included in a ticket price (according to a tariff)


Direct flight one way EUR

23kg - 32kg or over 158 cm

60* / 75

Over 23 kg max. 32 kg and over 158 cm

116* / 145

For upgrades or more information please contact Nordica Customer Care: Phone: +372 664 2200, email