Flights to Gothenburg

Flights to Gothenburg


The seaside city of Gothenburg, or Göteborg as it is known in Swedish, is the second-largest city in Sweden. It is full of historical sights, and the proximity of the sea can be felt in every step you take. It is Sweden’s biggest port city and has plenty to offer tourists, whether you’re interested in history and architecture, are passionate about food or are a lover of water sports.

These are just some of the sights worth visiting in Gothenburg:

  • Skansen Kronan: This magnificent 17th-century stone fortress was erected as a defence against a possible attack by Danes.
  • Maritima Centrum: This is the world’s largest maritime museum, where anyone interested in the sea can take a closer look at little fishing boats, explore the cramped interior of the Nordparken submarine and take to the deck of the enormous Småland destroyer.
  • Haga: This historical district is well known for its timber houses. Once home to the working class, it has become an exclusive and much sought after place to live whose car-free streets are lined with cosy cafés and vintage boutiques.
  • Gothenburg Museum of Art: This museum houses the world’s most impressive collection of 19th-century Nordic art. You will also find works by Monet, Picasso and Rembrandt here.
  • Volvo Museum: This extensive museum showcases the history of Sweden’s best known automobile and provides a thorough overview of the development of Volvo’s cars, trucks, buses and other products.
  • Slottsskogen Park: The largest green space in the city, this park is popular among locals looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here you will also find a zoo, a pond with seals and penguins, historical Swedish buildings and a variety of fields and courts for sports and games.
  • Lisberg Tivoli: First opened in 1923, this fun fair is very popular among families with children. Its attractions include a traditional wooden roller coaster and a dance floor with live music.
  • Botanical Gardens: The largest of their kind in Northern Europe, Gothenburg’s Botanical Gardens will charm you with their herbs and medicinal plants, vegetable patch and rock garden.

What is there to do around Gothenburg?

  • Marstrand: A paradise for lovers of water sports, Marstrand offers a wide range of water-related activities from sailing to diving.
  • Sailing on the archipelago: Sweden is well-known for its archipelagos. In Gothenburg too you can enjoy sailing among the surrounding islands, many of which can also be visited.
  • Älvsborg Fortress: This expansive coastal fortress was constructed to defend against attacks from the sea.

Shopping in Gothenburg

Gothenburg is home to major department stores, popular chain outlets and Swedish design stores.

Saluhallen market: This expansive market hall offers not only local gourmet items but also handicrafts and clothes from the area.

Nordstan: This is the biggest shopping centre in the city, with hundreds of stores and a wide range of services.

NK: This department store in the centre of Gothenburg offers a variety of well-known fashion and luxury brand items.

Eating out in Gothenburg

When in Sweden, there are certain dishes you should definitely try: Swedish meatballs; pickled herring; cinnamon buns; any of the variously prepared forms of salmon on offer; Smörgåstårta or ‘sandwich cake’; and the intensely flavoured alcoholic drink aquavit.

As you might expect of a port city, fish and seafood have an important place on menus in Gothenburg. You can try some of its best fish dishes at the city’s oldest fish restaurant Fiskekrogen or at the Michelin-star restaurant 28+.

Getting about in Gothenburg

Although it’s an easy city to get around on foot, Gothenburg also has an efficient public transport network that’s simple to use.

Since a number of areas in the city are designed for use by pedestrians only and many of the sights you’ll want to see are just a short stroll from the city centre, the best way of getting around Gothenburg is by walking.

Should you wish to, you can also hop on a tram or a ferry or grab a taxi. Although the trams don’t run all that far outside of the centre, they will take you to the sights you want to go to. The best way of getting about between the areas around the city and the archipelago is by ferry. You can also make the most of the hop-on, hop-off boats that traverse Gothenburg’s many canals.

There are plenty of taxis in the city, but it’s recommended that you order one from a reliable firm rather than taking the first one you come across, since it may be unlicensed (particularly at night).