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Flights to Nice

Nice – the biggest city on the French Riviera

France is often considered the paradise for connoisseurs of fine food and wine. Sophisticated restaurants that serve frog’s legs and pigeon are quite exotic for people from the Nordic countries. Add in French, the language of love, and the picture becomes even more perfect. Nice offers all of it in its full glory and then some. The biggest population centre on the French Riviera is set on the beautiful Mediterranean, with long promenades extending to the east and west.


Kids & families

Nice is first and foremost a holiday destination, a good pick for both families with kids and stag parties. With busy nightlife, the city doesn’t really sleep in summer, but families will be able to find a quiet place to enjoy the Mediterranean’s ceaseless lapping waves. Nice’s old town is one of the biggest sights. Little olive oil or wine shops lining the streets of the historical centre are a museum that is also a delight to behold.

Culture and architecture

Nice and the French Riviera as a whole have been inspiration for the all-time art greats, making museums a good place to seek shade and cool. Around 30 km from Nice, Antibes is home to the first museum honouring famous Spaniard Pablo Picasso. It is located in the house the great artist inhabited in 1946 and where some of the most famous paintings were created. You’ll easily find museums devoted to Chagall and Matisse and a permanent Andy Warhol exhibition at the modern art museum.

When you buy a €10 museum ticket, you get 24 hours of free admission to all other city museums. If you stay in Nice longer, a €20 museum ticket gets you the same deal for a 7-day period.

THE MATISSE MUSEUM I NORDICA RECOMMENDS: When you buy a €10 museum ticket, you get 24 hours of free admission to all other city museums. If you stay in Nice longer, a €20 museum ticket gets you the same deal for a 7-day period.



Monaco and Monte Carlo

Monaco and Monte Carlo

If you’re already flying to Nice, you might as well visit nearby Monaco and Monte Carlo. Some of the world’s richest people have found real estate there. And even if the watch in the shop window is priced at €150,000, coffee and cake next to the Casino Monte Carlo still costs about the same as it does in Old Town in Tallinn, Nordica’s home base. If you’d like to try your luck inside the world’s most famous gambling house, you don’t need to stake an entire month’s salary.

For Formula One racing fans, this is holy ground. If a race isn’t on at the time of your visit, you can drive the most famous racetrack yourself, provided you observe all rules of the road.


Food, drink and nightlife

The French are used to eating out, and thus the selection of eateries is extraordinarily wide and varied. Choose from classic French cuisine to street corner kebab and hamburger shops. Whether you enjoy meat or seafood or are a vegetarian, your favourite restaurant is waiting.


One of the most famous ice cream cafes along the entire Riviera is Fenocchio, which even draws Italians to Nice. Take your time choosing a flavour – there’s about 100 of them. Don’t forget the coffee, said to be one of the best in the city.


This charming and cosy little family restaurant can boast of being one of the most frequented restaurants in the entire region. Heavenly flavours, great service and intimate atmosphere are some of the reasons Flaveur was awarded a Michelin star. Be sure to make a table booking before your airfare, then you can combine two wondrous things –a holiday and gustatory delights.


We all know France is the absolute summit of haute couture. While the most exclusive fashions can be beyond our price range, Nice’s boutiques are full of great design that can find its way into your wardrobe for under 50 euros. Elegant styles in French attire are still making waves today, and some clothing and footwear can be very reasonably priced. Many Estonians use Nice as a makeover station to refresh their personal wardrobes.


Nice is famous for its marketplaces, which carry food, flowers, and many other kinds of goods. Marche de la Liberation is located near the Chagall Museum, with fish and produce from local fisherman and farmers. Visit Cours Saleya Market by the seashore for produce and flowers; there are many restaurants and galleries nearby. Every Saturday, a book market is held at Marche de la Place du Palais.

Nice Étoile

This big shopping centre Nice Étoile in the heart of Nice has shops with luxurious name brands to affordable products. There are many and varied restaurants, beauticians and leisure activities, plus a cinema.

Bring enough cash with you because not all shops accept credit cards.

SHOPPING IN NICE I NORDICA RECOMMENDS: Bring enough cash with you because not all shops accept credit cards.

from 109.90€ FIND FLIGHT



Nice is easily navigated by tram and bus. The city has various bus and tram lines that take you comfortably and rapidly from end to the other. Single fares cost €1.50 and combi-tickets are also available, accepted in both buses and trams.

We recommend picking up an inexpensive rental car for making a trip out of town. This will give you access to some lovely place and beautiful nature outside the city centre.

Did you know...

  • Elton John, Tina Turner, Keith Richards and Bono call Nice their second home
  • Nordica flies direct to Nice from 13 April to 26 October 2018
  • Nordica’s direct flight from Tallinn to Nice takes 3 hours and 15 minutes