Flights to Hamburg

Flights to Hamburg

Hamburg – Discover the diamond that will change your life

Germany’s hidden gem, Hamburg is one of the country’s most important cities and a finance centre of global importance. But more than that, the city and its surrounds have a lot to offer tourists, from adventure-seekers to family holiday-makers.

Kids & families

Miniatur Wunderland

As its name suggests, this miniature wonderland is a journey through cities, continents and centuries in scale model. Europe and America, through night and day, from the Middle Ages to the modern world – everything is represented. Moving cars, trains, planes and ships give the models a true sense of movement. Visitors can even influence the course of events themselves: at the push of a button you can get a DJ Bobo concert underway or call out the fire brigade. Hours of discovery await, with plenty to interest adults, too – as reflected in the fact that this one-of-a-kind attraction, which is one of Germany’s biggest drawcards, has more than 14,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and the highest average rating in its category.

Heide Park

One of Europe’s biggest amusement parks, renowned for its huge variety of rides, Heide Park is just a 50-minute drive from Hamburg. There’s something here for thrill-seekers and fun-lovers of all ages, with an unforgettable day out guaranteed.

Hamburg Dungeon

This attraction forms part of the same complex as Miniatur Wunderland. Take a journey through 600 years of Hamburg history led by performers who will have you laughing one minute and crying out in terror the next! Enjoy the special attractions and amazing effects. Shows are held in German and English and are suitable for ages 10 and up.


Neumünster Designer Outlet

Hamburg offers plenty of shopping opportunities, with something for everyone. That said, many people are unaware of the fact that just outside the city, in Neumünster, is one of the biggest designer outlets in the region. The centre has more than 200 stores and the prices are definitely cheaper than elsewhere. You’ll even find competitive offers on premium brands like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, often at discounts of as much as 50%.


Football & Hamburg

The city is home to the Bundesliga club Hamburg SV – and with one of the world’s best football leagues, not to mention an enormous stadium, it won’t leave any football fan cold. Even the lower league boasts a team with one of the biggest groups of supporters in the country, and with fan bases as far afield as Argentina and India – St Paul. The team is well known for its colourful history and for the skull motif in its logo. Once you’ve read the article that follows you’ll no doubt be convinced that everyone should visit Hamburg at least once in their lives to watch the football!

Port & Elbtunnel

While you’re pottering around the port area it’s worth taking a look at the Elbtunnel. Buried 24 metres beneath the surface, it was constructed more than a century ago. It links the city centre with the port area on the southern banks of the Elbe River. The tunnel itself is a sight worth seeing, but is also simply a very useful way of combining walks on both sides of the river.


S-Bahn and U-Bahn Trains

The key element to Hamburg’s public transport system is the network of rapid transit and regional rail services focused on the city centre. There are four U-Bahn underground lines, six S-Bahn suburban lines and nine regional rail services to ensure rapid and direct links within the Hamburg region, which are independent of the traffic on the roads. At the weekend and on public holidays, the most important U-Bahn and S-Bahn rapid transit services run all night.


The rail network is complemented by an extensive range of bus services with metro buses (direct and very frequent services), express buses (more comfortable), sprinter buses, and town or regional buses (connecting to stations and surrounding towns).

Harbour ferries

There are six ferry lines serving the harbour and the River Elbe. These routes have two-digit numbers starting at 61. You can therefore use your HVV ticket to “put out to sea” and even go on a little trip around the harbour.