Flights to Berlin

Flights to Berlin

Flights from 17. May until 30. September, 2017.

Many people associate Berlin with historical events, people, places and everything else. Today’s Berlin is a place that lives in the future, but it also has the courage to show its past, which has been rather dark at times. Berliners themselves are really cool people that keep up with the times and are always happy to help lost tourists

Worth seeing

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of things that are definitely worth seeing in Berlin. We will give you just a couple of examples of sights you could add to the legendary Brandenburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace.

There are 180 museums in Berlin. Five of them are on the world-famous Museum Island. The museums, which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage list, are definitely worth a visit. One of them is the Alte Nationalgalerie, which houses some of the best examples of 19th-century art.

The Pergamon Museum, where you can catch a glimpse of antique architecture, is also situated on the island. The beautiful Pergamon Altar is the cherry on the cake. Based on our own experience, we can say that it will take your breath away!

Sculptures and pieces of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art are exhibited at the Altes Museum.

The Neues Museum is home to the Egyptian museum, where you will also find the bust of Queen Nefertiti. The last museum on the island is the Bode Museum, which exhibits Byzantine art. All of the museums on the island are open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Reichstag, or the parliament building, is one of the most important buildings in Germany. The large glass dome on its roof offers magnificent views of Berlin and the building’s own surroundings. You can also get a glimpse of the building where Chancellor Angela Merkel works. You can take a look inside the Reichstag free of charge (excl. special exhibitions) every day from 8.00 am to midnight. Entrance closes at 10.00 pm.

Berlin TV Tower is the place where you’ll get the best overview of how big and diverse the city is. The tower, which is in the eastern part of the city, is 368 m high – but visitors can only get to the viewing platform at a height of 204 m. There is a rotating café on the second floor of the viewing platform where you can circle around the city without getting out of your seat once. The tower is open every day, depending on the season, from 9.00 am to midnight.

The House of the Wannsee Conference is a chilling reminder of the dark past of the city and Germany in general. This is where the Nazis and German industrialists sat down in 1942 to discuss the ‘Jewish question’, and where the decision to initiate genocide was made. The house is now a museum that tells visitors the story of the conference that changed Europe. The museum is open every day from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and entrance is free.


Berlin is one of those cities that has its own characteristic delicacies, such as currywurst and Döner kebab. We have some recommendations on where to head for lunch or dinner.

Ampelmann is situated under a historical railway bridge, which means that the S-Bahn trains dash over your head as you eat (which is not as disturbing as you might think). The restaurant’s terrace offers beautiful views over the river Spree, which flows right past the eatery. We recommend booking a table in advance, as this is a popular place.

You can pay a visit to the Falafel UFO if you want to try some Turkish food. This is a reasonably priced restaurant where you can try almost all of the dishes that characterise Turkish cuisine. The restaurant is located on the corner of Oderberger Straße.


The new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is still under construction, so people arriving in the city will land at either Schönefeld or Tegel. It’s easy to get from Tegel Airport to the city centre by taking the TXL bus. Tickets cost around 2-3 euros and the bus ride from the city centre to the airport takes about 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. The easiest way of getting from Schönefeld Airport to the city centre is by the S-Bahn. Tickets cost around 3 euros and trains depart every 10 minutes. Taking a taxi from either airport to the city centre costs around 25 euros.

A good thing to buy is the Berlin Welcome Card, which allows the holder to use public transport and provides a range of discounts at the city’s sights and much more. The card is available for different zones and periods of time. For example, there are 48-hour, 72-hour and 5-day cards.