Flights to Amsterdam

Flights to Amsterdam

There are millions of reasons to visit Amsterdam. Some go for the tulips; others to enjoy the free-spirited atmosphere of the city. Romantics can go on a boat ride on the city’s canals, while people who love culture can visit the museum of the famous Van Gogh, and those looking for something more extreme can take a walk in the notorious Red Light District.

Worth seeing

One of the most popular tours of Amsterdam is a boat ride on the city’s canals. There are many tours available and many routes to choose from. One of the biggest service providers,Canal Bus, offers three different tours, each of which takes you past some of the city’s most famous sites.

One of the eternal mysteries of Amsterdam is how they fit so many bicycles in it. Bicycles are the main means of transport for locals and tourists alike. Cycling is also another way of exploring the city. Renting a two-wheeler is easy – you can do it on almost any street corner. It is a great way of discovering the city at your own speed.

The world-famous Vincent Van Gogh Museum is the best museum in the city. You can admire more than 200 paintings and 500 drawings that the master and his apprentices created in their day. You should bear in mind that the museum is packed at weekends, so make sure you have enough time for a proper visit.

Almost everyone knows the story of Anne Frank, which has been told in a book and screened in cinemas. The house where she lived is located in Amsterdam and is open to visitors.

In Amsterdam, you will also find a museum dedicated to a girl’s best friend – diamonds. The museum takes you on a journey that starts 3 million years back in time and ends with a magnificent ring. You can see how the gem is formed and how craftsmen turn them into the polished beauties we see.


You haven’t been in Amsterdam if you haven’t tried their famous salty pretzels! De laatse Kruimel bakery and café is supposed to be the best place to enjoy them. This tiny oasis with its delicious pastries may be difficult to sport at first, but we’ll give you a hint – it’s at Langebrugsteeg 4.

You should certainly try some proper Dutch cuisine as well when you visit Amsterdam. One of the places you can do so is Haesje Claes. This restaurant is conveniently located in the historic city centre, right opposite Amsterdam Museum. Haesje Claes is actually located in six buildings, and attempts have been made to preserve the unique features of each one of them. The restaurant, which has been operating since 1947, is still one of the most popular in the city.

There is an old barge by the quay a few steps from Westerpark. Fortunately, it is not standing there sad and alone – it has been welcoming diners for many years. The menu at Pont 13 is not very big, but the location and atmosphere of the place more than make up for it.


Schiphol Airport is located around 14 kilometres from the city centre and can be accessed by almost all possible means of transport.

The easiest way of travelling between the city and the airport is the train that departs from the middle terminal of the airport. Trains to the city depart every 10 minutes and the journey takes 15-20 minutes.

We recommend getting the I amsterdam Card if you know you’ll be doing a lot of sightseeing in Amsterdam, taking in museums and riding trams and buses. The card gives you the right to use public transport and visit a number of museums free of charge. The price of a one-day card starts from 42 euros.