Constanta - The pearl of the Black Sea

Constanta - The pearl of the Black Sea

With ancient history, golden sands and more than 300 sunshiny days a year, Constanta becomes a true undisclosed summer paradise and a worthwhile visit for any nature lover as well as for those looking for warmth and an easy holiday, and allowing life to surprise them. It is a marvellous place for both culturally-interested wanderers and adventure-seeking young travellers.

Affordable exotics

With white sandy beaches running along the coastline of the Black Sea, stunning views and clear water, Constanta is the home of various different beach resorts. The most well-known is Mamaia, which is famous for its wide sandy beach and many bars and nightclubs. The carefree holiday atmosphere is already in the air in the morning, when beach bars open their doors and southern rhythms begin to play. Smooth cocktails, live music and wonderful nature instantly give a truly tropical paradise impression. For those looking for an active holiday, there are several water sport options on the beach, making the time spent as adventurous as possible. Mamaia’s heart awakens in the morning, shines brightly in the evening and sunrises are welcomed while dancing on the beach.

The city is a perfect holiday destination as it provides sea breeze, sunkissed hair and is pleasantly affordable at the same time. You can get dinner – a main course and a drink – for 30 RON at an average restaurant, which is less than 10 euros (1 euro is approximately 4.6 RON). At a fancier restaurant, it could be around 50 RON. The price and quality ratio really is excellent – feel free to step in any restaurant you find appealing. A great experience is guaranteed in restaurants like Marco Polo, Bueno, La Preimer and InLarg.

The high season for visiting Constanta is the summer, when there are on average 11 hours of sunshine a day and the beach often hosts music events or festivals. For instance, time your trip according to the annual Sunwaves Festival or the electronic music highlight Neversea Festival.

The resort is also a nice family vacation destination. When arriving at Mamaia, you are greeted by an aqua park called Aqua Magic, where all-day fun is guaranteed for people of any age. Families with children can enjoy shows at the Dolphinarium, and see nearly 60 species of sea creature from the Black Sea and the Danube Delta in the Constanta Aquarium.

The city as a mosaic

Romania has seen many regimes and rulers. Accordingly, the architecture of Constanta tells its vivid story to anyone interested. Begin your stroll from Ovidiu – the old town square – and walk down to the harbour to enjoy the promenade. Stop to have a coffee in one of the many coffee shops and restaurants that are there. Constanta Casino is a sight of its own – a majestic Art Nouveau building with Art-Deco accents, standing proudly on a cliffside facing the Black Sea. It was completed in 1910 and is today one of the most beautiful abandoned buildings in Europe.

Architectural wonders do not end there. Go and admire the House with Lions, the Great Mahmudiye Mosque built by King Carol I, or St. Mina Orthodox Church, which is an authentic example of Romanian style and the biggest wooden church in Romania.

Countless discoveries within a few hours

The climate with long and warm autumns and cool winds from the Black Sea make the area perfect for producing sweet dessert wines such as late harvest Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The Murfatlar Vineyard, traditional dishes of the Dobrogea region and local wines will make your holiday unforgettable.

To those travelling by car, approximately 470 km from Constatna is legendary and mysterious Transylvania, the home of Count Dracula. Driving down the coastline, right before the Bulgarian border, you’ll reach Vama Veche beach resort, which is often made perfect with some kind of rock concert. To those seeking to go on a longer Eurotrip and wish to chase the sun, one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful and popular resorts, Varna, is only 158 km from Constanta.