We want all of your business trips to be successful. We are aware of the importance of a good flight plan, which is the basis of an efficient and successful business trip at the destination, and which also offers you a direct flight back home in the evening. We at Nordica take account of these preferences in our flight plan, and want to offer it to you alongside excellent customer service and discounts on all ticket classes.

The Corporate Programme of Nordica is meant for all companies and institutions that regularly fly on the routes offered by Nordica. The Corporate Programme is a work in progress, but we promise that we will soon be presenting a number of valuable and useful offers. If you choose to fly with Nordica and register as a Corporate Customer, we can immediately offer you 5% off your next flight, which will grow to 20% as the number of flights you take increases.

We want your business trip to be successful, bring you positive results and help you grow. The Corporate Programme is being updated and we are developing a number of new solutions which we hope will make flying easy and convenient, so you can focus on the important goals of your business trips. Fly with us and we will make sure that your business trips always go smoothly.

Please fill in the form below to join the Corporate Programme and we will get in touch with you.

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You can use the corporate customer offer and special prices via your preferred travel agency, or when you book flights directly via Nordica’s customer service on +372 664 22 02  or corporate@nordica.ee