Pilot Nordica 980x380

Qualification requirements:

  • ICAO English level 4
  • Valid EASA licence
  • First Class Medical
  • Right to live and work in the EU
  • Previous experience working for an airline is an advantage
  • Willingness to work to a rotating work schedule
  • Correctness and punctuality
  • Good communication skills

  • Trustworthiness and a sense of responsibility
  • Open mind

Recruitment process:

  • Preliminary screening on the basis of CVs
  • Submission of application documents
  • Review of conditions
  • Simulator assessment, knowledge test and interview
  • Announcement of results
  • Commencement of training
* Only shortlisted candidates are contacted

Remuneration and bonuses:


  • Described in working conditions

Come and join one of the fastest-growing airlines in northern Europe!


Frequently asked questions:

What should I expect from an assessment?

The assessment consists of three parts: a simulator session, a test of your knowledge and an individual interview. The simulator session takes place in a full flight simulator and involves a range of flying exercises. It focuses on manual flying and instrument reading skills rather than checklists or your knowledge of calls. The written knowledge test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions on aviation in general, including questions on jets or textbook material. The interview is designed to assess your personality, mindset and attitudes towards aviation and the working environment.

What form does the employment relationship take?

Nordica's pilots have a choice between three types of contract: a non-commuting contract, a subcontract or a commuting contract.