Nordica’s flight LO8173 from Tallinn to Amsterdam departed at 14:00 today on board a replacement aircraft with a different crew. All of the affected passengers were looked after at Tallinn Airport by Nordica employees, who offered them every assistance until the replacement flight departure.

Flight LO8173 aborted its take-off this morning while still on the runway at Tallinn Airport. At present it is known that the Captain reacted to a smoke alarm and aborted take-off shortly before the aircraft would otherwise have left the ground. All of the passengers were evacuated on the runway by the crew and returned to the terminal by bus. There were 42 passengers and four crew on board the aircraft, none of whom were injured.

The incident involved a CRJ900 aircraft produced by Canada’s Bombardier in 2011. Nordica pilots are trained to react to even the smallest deviation in aircraft systems in accordance with procedures. The crew of the aircraft displayed the utmost professionalism and acted in full accordance with the guidelines.

The aircraft involved in the incident will be thoroughly inspected ahead of its next departure. It is known that the aircraft sustained very minor damage during the evacuation procedure.

Toomas Uibo, Nordica’s Director of Marketing and Communication, says that today’s incident showed how well prepared all of Nordica’s employees are to respond to emergency situations. “What’s most important, of course, is that no one was injured,” he added. “I’m also pleased we were able to arrange a replacement flight with a back-up aircraft within two hours and get the passengers to their destination. On behalf of Nordica I’d like to thank all of the passengers involved for their understanding, and the crew of the aircraft for responding so promptly and professionally.”